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vishnu ramchandani vishnuhappy at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 11 03:12:21 EST 2008

Look What we Found on Google!

e Google incubator (of ideas) aka Google Labs'
Experimental Search Page reads, "We're always
experimenting with new features aimed at improving the

The latest such we've spotted is "Alternate views for
search results". Two of these "views" are designed to
help you narrow down more easily on what you're
looking for, while the Map view gives you additional
information in the form of maps. 

An experiment that Google is inviting people to join,
"Alternate views for search results" could become a
part of your Google home page if you should so

First to participate, you need to go to the
Experimental Search page at Google Labs
and choose "join the experiment". If you do this, any
Google search you do from your computer will default
to the "Alternate views search". 

Once there, a quick run-down on the three search aids
it offers. First, there's 'Timeline View'; if your
search term is say "Mahatma Gandhi", your search
string would be "Mahatma Gandhi view:timeline". 

When you do this 'Timeline View' search, you get a
timeline with years marked on it, and with dates
highlighted in the search results (as opposed to your
search term being highlighted). Some years on the
timeline -- such as 1945 -- would have more spikes
than others, simply because there's more material
about Gandhi for those years. Click on that year and
you'll be refining your search to 1945 to 1949: all
the results that appear will have mention of a
date in that range. 

By contrast, simply using "Mahatma Gandhi 1945" in a
regular search (and then trying 1946, 1947, and so on)
will produce markedly different results. This
is probably because in 'Timeline View', Google
actually recognizes numbers as years. 

The second "view" is 'Info View'; here, for each
search, you can choose to highlight dates,
measurements, locations, or show images. So if you use
same search term, and choose "locations", the first
result highlights "Bombay", "Ahmedabad", and "Delhi".
Besides, you can key in a location -- say "Porbandar"
-- and only results with that word in them will

Once again, the results page will look very different
if you simply use the search term with the location
name appended. This may be so because in 'Info
View', Google recognizes places for what they are. 

The third is 'Map View': you get results on the left
of the page, and a Google Map of the places associated
with Gandhi (assuming he's still your search
term) on the right of the page. Click on a place, and
you'll see pages where both Gandhi and that place are

What if Google is providing alternate views on search?
There are many other search engines out there that
attempt to present results in more usable forms.

The difference being that when Google goes ahead and
presents something like this, it's rather more
significant -- simply because so many people use
All said, it's possible that the new "views" will find
favor only with those doing serious research.

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