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contributor : Rithish Saralaya from
Media&Entertainment Vertical Initiative (MphasiS
Software Services)
What is chickenfoot?
Chickenfoot is a Firefox extension that puts a
programming environment in the browser's sidebar so
you can write scripts to manipulate web pages and
automate web browsing. In Chickenfoot, scripts are
written in a superset of Javascript that includes
special functions specific to web tasks.
Further Info:
Chickenfoot offers the ability to:-
• interact with the chrome of the browser.
• use an interactive shell for manipulating the page
and to monitor page interactions in various ways.
• write scripts that run over multiple sites, so that
one can write a script that visits one web page,
copies some text from a part of the page, goes to
Google, searches for that text, and then appends the
first link to a page on the local filesystem.
Chickenfoot is an extremely powerful tool for any
developer wishing to automate actions or extend the
functionality of the web pages he or she utilizes
Chickenfoot shares certain ideas with other tools that
enable a scriptable web. The main idea behind
Chickenfoot is to provide users with a tool for
creating macros that anyone can use or write, without
needing a programmer's assistance. This idealistic
goal is the driving force behind Chickenfoot and has
resulted in a very useful tool.
Further References 
chickenfoot home :
rewrite the web with chickenfoot : 

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