[AI] How to format in excel?

sriram kalyanaraman sriram_tkr at yahoo.co.in
Mon Feb 11 00:39:56 EST 2008

  Please do the following:
  Go to the format menu by pressing alt+o.
  Select format cell.
  Go to alignment tab by pressing tab once.
  Press Alt+ w or go to wrap check box and check the same by pressing space bar.
  Now place enter.
  This will ensure that all the text appears in the cell.
  If you find that there are too many rows being occupied, go to the format menu , and then go to format columns and then increase column width.
  You can find the no . of rows being occupied by pressing f2 and then pressing down arrow before reaching the end of the texzt, you can count the no of rows being occupied. Further, if you are still not sure, go and get some sighted help.
  Hope this works.  

vinod benjamin <vinbenji at yahoo.com> wrote:
Dear accessindians,

Once again I got a doubt in excel, how to identify, if a columnas a text which is out of its size? How to understand the column and how to format?Please help, because it’s very important for my work, which involves excelformatting for reports.

Thanks in advance

Vinod benjamin.

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