[AI] How do I increase my fluency in spoken english?

Shadab Husain shadabhsn at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 00:15:27 EST 2008

Well, everyone, I might make a tiny point here. Undoubtedly reading
and listening improves speaking - but this improvement can gather an
accelerated pace if we resort to the stuff we crave for. For example
if you are eagerly tilted to catch up the broil of politics then
reading magazines and newspapers would improve your skills quicker
than anything. If you love sporty features jump on the stuff - do not
hesitate in dumping a monotonous rotten novel - let the writer be
anybody! Do whatever pleases you without any let or guidance. Yes I
must also tell you to speak aloud what you have read whenever you get
free time like whenever electricity shows up etc. besides fluency this
will also bring a remarkable improvement in your recapitulation habit.
Utilizing time is crucial as well. My humble views. I do not know how
far you folks will agree with them! Best wishes, Shadab

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