[AI] a query on Nokia n 70 music adision,

ashish ashish2410 at accessindia.org.in
Sat Feb 9 15:54:27 EST 2008

To set a Alarm for long years you can do the following, 
1. Go in to Calendar,
Select meeting, 
I will help you with the today's date example, type in the subject some thing like wake up alarm. 
2. start time field type the time which you want to get up  
3. in the end time field type the same time as your start time. 
4. start date should be today's date that is 09/02/2008 
5. in the next field the alarm is off select it and it should now say that alarm is on. 
6. It should automatic take the time as 15 minutes before of what time you wrote above.
for example if you have written 6 am above, it should take the time as 5 45 am.
and please note that (Alarm will ring at this time) 
7. alarm date should show today's date. 
8. repeat in this field select daily. they are various options but you should select daily. 
9. repeat until, here you can set the date accordingly for example you can set it to,
which means that it will be on until 2012 and will ring daily.
10. synchronization is private  
that's all your fields are set and your alarm is set, now pres key 2 to except these changes and set the alarm,
(Please note that this formula is tested and I am successfully setting alarm like this using this formula and using it). 
I am also using Nokia N 70 Music addition. 
hope this helps
many thanks
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