[AI] Writing style

Shadab Husain shadabhsn at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 10:05:05 EST 2008

Writing style is something which cannot be changed as it reflects our
nature - so I presume the subject for this discussion should be "Mind
your language" or if this sounds offensive then "Check your language"
to begin with.

Well, I would say that there is no need telling others to write
correct grammar here because the chief motive of this list is to solve
the problems of blinds and not to promote good language skills -
however, to my amazement, I have seen folks joining with poor language
and soon bringing a remarkable refinement in their language by reading
and writing here. Would it not be hobbling for them if we discourage
them from the very outset by such insensitive comments? Tell me.

It is plain common sense that nobody will make a dork of himself by
intentionally making a blunder before such a great number of members.
We should not send out such discouraging comments because they might
suppress many bright futures beneath bashfulness.

I will simply add logic prevails and this Mr Subramani would be well
knowing as he would have edited many great thinkers with poor
language. So there is no need caring a gory toss for English grammar
here. Cracking such books and quickly dashing it off has always been a
damn fun for me - try, you might enjoy it.

Dear Govind,

Congratulations. I presume in future your best selling point will be
your courage of frankly expressing yourself. Get on with the life - it
has a habit of welcoming the encouraged ones.

Friends, I was not writing on this topic - but I did want to encourage
the members who do not have a good English background like me and
therefore might refrain from posting on the list. This was the only
reason why I was bound - pardon me if I hurt anybody. I do not promise
responding on this as I am very busy these days - so I send my best
wishes to everybody, with undying hopes and encouraging regards,
Shadab Husain

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