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> Tuesday, February 05, 2008
> Katyn to be released on DVD with audio description for the visually 
> impaired
> By Joanna Najfeld
> Katyn, the movie by Oscar-winning Polish director Andrzej Wajda, which has 
> been nominated to Oscar this year in the category of non-English language 
> films, will be released on DVD in Poland with audio description - 
> additional narration sound track suited for the non-sighted audience. All 
> thanks to the efforts of Polish pioneers of audio description.
> Katyn tells the story of the genocide of Polish citizens by Soviets in 
> 1940. The movie is well-known to the general public in Poland, and it is 
> gaining popularity worldwide.
> Now Katyn is to become the first movie released on DVD in Poland, which 
> has both subtitles for the deaf and audio description for the blind. This 
> makes it fully accessible to the disabled. This Oscar-nominated production 
> is the latest success of the pioneers of audio description in Poland, most 
> notably Tomasz Strzymiñski, a blind person himself:
> "Since November 2006, when we first organized an audio described movie 
> screening in Poland, the idea has been catching on surprisingly. I had 
> expected more problems. But we managed to organize more audio described 
> shows at movie theaters across Poland, and even at the Polish Film 
> Festival in Gdynia. The puppet theater in Bia³ystok staged a show for 
> sighted and non-sighted children together and right now there is even some 
> audio description on television."
> The distributor of Katyn, Tim Film Studio company, sees the audio 
> description of the movie as a breakthrough. Dorota Sieroñ:
> "This is the first movie released in Poland with audio description. We 
> decided to start with "Katyn", because in our opinion this movie is very 
> important for all Polish people as part of our history. The idea of audio 
> description of "Katyn" comes from Tomasz Strzyminski. He introduced us to 
> the special and unknown world of the blind people."
> Tomasz Strzymiñski and his fellow propagators of audio description in 
> Poland do not rest on their laurels. They are determined to put even more 
> effort into making the lives of visually impaired people more enjoyable:
> "Blind and visually impaired people in Poland are very happy that audio 
> description is being popularized. But we still have a lot to learn to 
> improve the quality of it. We already cooperate internationally, trying to 
> get some experts to come to Poland and train audio description specialists 
> here."
> The audio described version of Katyn is to be released on February 21, 
> three days before the Oscar ceremony.
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