[AI] Have I introduced myself before? I don't think so

Syed Imran syed.fame at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 06:41:51 EST 2008

Hi dear list members

All of a sudden from nowhere,  my friend tells me that I have not introduced myself when I joined Accessindia. So here I go:
My full name is Syed Imran (most of the people whom I know formaly call me "Syed"), otherwise I am addressed as "Imran". Anyways, I am currently doing my BBM (bachelors degree in Business management) in Christ College, Bangalore.
My interests dwell in listening to music, playing computer games, gardening, Yoga, Karate, browsing the net, sometimes playing  pranks on friends (you are not my target, no worries), reading books, (fiction, non fiction, horror and all that).
I write to Access India mainly because of two things: 1) to assist whomever I can in whatever possible ways and ask the same for me, within the limits of the rules and regulations of the list.
2) To improve my writing skills.
And lastly, sorry for rather a late introduction. 

With best regards
Syed Imran
P.S. Feel free to interact with me through my E-mail syed.fame at gmail.com.
P.P.S. I humbly prefer personal replies to this particular mail not directly to the list.

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