[AI] Apology letter

YADAV, D. N YADAVDN at iocl.co.in
Fri Feb 8 05:15:34 EST 2008

Dear Samuel Rodrigues 

It's great you've made a mistake & gone for an apology-after all to err is
human .....  But it sounds more like a Christian apology for something very
sinful.  I'm sure you haven't committed a sin by doing so as we will all
acknowledge every once a while 'piracy & cracks' are nearly a culture the
world over these days.  & imagine how many amongst us (VI) could become a
computer user if things did not exist in this way.  Yes true, things cannot
be discussed on a public forum like this but once it had to come up so as to
uncover the secret behind each of us-the above two.  However, it's the rule
& so we must regard it.  You have done nothing bad too, I suppose, asking ur
apology publicly tendering it to moderator instead; after all we too could
know ur sins & apology thereafter & many could have a softer approach too. 
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