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Since I've also done English lit about 13 years ago, I can understand
the problems you face. Though looking for audio materials is good, you
must remember that they could be extremely costly. Therefore first thing
you must do is to catch hold of volunteers who can read the lessons and
get it recorded. If you get someone who has done literature, it's even
better, because you can ask them to mark the important
pages/paragraphs/chapters of a drama or a novel (it's impossible to
record an entire novel cover-to-cover) and get it recorded. 

You may perhaps ask your own classmates to read short texts like poems
and short stories (as they may not have patience to read longer texts
and may regard reading short texts as a means of learning the text for

Please visit the audio section of the British Council in your city and
see if you can pick up a few texts available there. I remember listening
to plays like Murder in the Cathedral in BC Chennai. Make full use of
volunteers and friends and use your Braille and listening skills.


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Hello every one, Since I'm pursuing my masters degree program in
English literature, I'm suffering so much due to lack of books in
accessible format for visually impaired I prefer the audio format.
These areas:
Indian, post colonial, American and very recent british.
Please let me know where I can get them for a better reading and
I've learned French, at CIEFL a year ago, but I forgot it due to lack
of accessible meterial for visually impaired can any one please help
I want to become a voice and accent trainer in a good company, can you
please guide me?
many thanks
   Best Regards
Cell 9959392651.

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