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Ketan Kothari muktaketan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 21:42:11 EST 2008

Dear List Members,

I am quite appalled at the goings-ons at the list.  Some of our members are writing things that they are not supposed to write and oh God!  the language that they are using is even more appalling.  If we expect to be taken any bit seriously and treated with equal dignity then please be careful about how you write and what you write.  If you expect to become voice and accent trainer and this is the language you use then ... God may help you.  The spelling and grammar errors in the mails are just shocking and I am not sure whether they are committed deliberately or is this the standard that we represent.  I fully understand that while composing mails we are not allways on guard but some amount of care and common sense will be appreciated.  It is a great shame to read wrong English.  Please buck up and use good language including semantics and spellings.  

Thank you.
Ketan Kothari
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