[AI] Apology letter

Samuel Rodrigues kr.samuel at yahoo.co.in
Thu Feb 7 06:49:08 EST 2008

Dear friends,
I am very very sorry for the mess I have done with the list discussing about piracy. The mail which I send regarding winrar on tuesday night.
I am really sorry and ask Harish sir, and all the moderators and all the list members forgiveness.
Sorry for doing such blunder in the list.
I know and I will think before I do any thing.
Harish sir, had given me last warning on 24 January.
But still I went against it, and since for my mistake I had been unsubscribed from the mailing list.
It was my mistake, my own fault.
So then I with the help of one of you Monika got Harish sir's number and then I spoke with him.
And Harish sir strictly regarding this problem told me that "this is the first and last warning and still if I go against it, I will be unsubscribed for ever".
So my dear friends, I would once again like to apologise from each and every one of you that I am very sorry for talking about piracy or cracks in one way or the other.
Kindly accept my mistake.
Do not do like me, I would like to tell everybody in the list, it is a strict warning for you and for me.
With pardon,
Samuel, Rodrigues.
or mail to
kr.samuel at gmail.com
kr.samuel at yahoo.co.in

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