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What is Silverthorne?

Intel Silverthorne is a brand new Intel x86 processor
for the Menlow platform developed from the ground up
for low-cost and ultra-low power applications. This
includes UMPC (Ultra Mobile PCs), MID (Mobile Internet
Devices), set-top applications, some embedded
applications, and eventually for smart phone
applications though this initial generation may not be
suitable yet.  Its small 25mm^2 die size on a 45nm
process allows 2500 chips to fit on a single 300mm
diameter wafer allows for extremely economic
Some more info:
In a press briefing, Intel Chief Technology Officer
Justin Rattner said that Silverthorne is still on
track to ship in the first half of this year. The
low-power processor is designed to be compatible with
the Core 2 Duo instruction set and gets down into the
2 watt to 0.6 watt power range.
It is assumed that Silverthorne's power needs are
about 15 times lower than the company's lowest-power
dual-core processor. And Rattner said the performance
is in the range of the early Centrino processors.
"It's quite respectable performance for a processor
this little," he added.
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