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> Subject:	help required in Kanpur
> Hi List members,
> There are two sisters in Kanpur who have lost their sight in the last
> couple of years. The have managed to complete their graduation and have a
> basic idea of computers. Their parents want them to be independent and
> self sufficient but don't have awareness of how to guide them. I have
> spoken to them and given them an idea of Jaws, Mobilespeak and other
> technologies. They are very keen to explore further and  need someone to
> guide them.
> As I am based out of Mumbai I was hoping someone in Kanpur could help them
> with getting a copy of Jaws and get them started on it with some basic  on
> how to use it. I am sure they would learn further on their own and only
> need to get exposed to these possibilities. It would also help for them to
> see someone who is also visually impaired but managing their own affairs
> successfully through the use of technology. I request if anybody could
> help by guiding this family to whatever extent possible.
> Pl get in touch with me off line and I will give you the background and
> contact details.
> Warm regards,
> Hari
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