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What is a Googlewhack?
A Googlewhack is a Google search query consisting of
two words, that returns a single result.
Some more info:
Since 2003, British comedian Dave Gorman has toured
Britain, France, Australia, Canada and the United
States with a show entitled Dave Gorman's GoogleWhack
Adventure, and published a book of the same name.
These were based on a true story. While attempting to
write a novel for his publisher (Random House) Dave
became obsessed with Googlewhacks and travelled across
the world finding people who had authored them.
Although he never wrote his novel, he did eventually
write a book about his "Googlewhack adventure" which
went on to be a Sunday Times #1 best seller in the UK
and has also been published in the U.S. and Canada. A
translation is in the works for Japan.
Some of the googlewhacks used by Dave Gorman in his
book are "Francophile Namesakes", "dork turnspit",
"unconstructive superegos", "bibliophilic sandwiched",
"dripstone ingles".
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