[AI] Safety Alert , plz read... Dont ignore

Shadab Husain shadabhsn at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 00:05:16 EST 2008

Well, I presume this news is enlightening - though I do not say that
all in it is truth. But can we say that what the news channels and
newspapers are exposing is truth?

There is a great deal of hobnobbing going on among the industrialists,
politicians and editors. Industrialists are donating huge sums to the
political parties. Advertisers as they are, they are the chief source
of earning for the media outlets. Even BBC, which is a public-funded
outlet, has earned notoriety in the recent past.

Leading Indian newspapers boast that they are selling 10 million or so
copies everyday. The cost of a copy is between 2 or 3 rupees -
however, I presume, they lose a rupee on each copy daily because of
the material and labor put in it. Where are those million rupees
coming from everyday?

I say this to bring the fact home that the harms which are caused by
consumerism aren't reaching us, and looking on the contemporary
sociological and political conditions, it would be quite impractical
to say that this will change.

Temperature is rising and the world is on the cusp of destruction
because of the modern and extravagant lifestyles. But is this
modernization really bringing us closer? Humans are direly craving to
get love but this modernization is an unbreakable barrier. Far from
the real joy of life, we are lost in our iPot worlds. But are we
really able to give a proper outlet to our emotions?

And it is outrageous that people who are simple and frugal are framed
backwards. The rule of life is that if you are faithful to anybody or
any company then you will become more exploitative and expendable.
Saying this might prove hobbling for me but whatever I do not care a

We all no what is good and what bad. But we are charmed by the glitter
and glitz of modernization. Then why to blame the politicians,
industrialists and press? There is no point in blaming the loaves of
breads when the defect lies in the oven.

            Loud has the Death bell rung; and fainting is the shrillness,

            Mankind is bound to hear, before hearing it is death.

          Shadab Husain

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