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  Hullo members, this is just to share amongst you.
 What is the difference between the young and the old besides stamina?
If you strain your brain a bit and think, desire to learn and explore
new things, is the answer. Ever noticed the youngsters going to work?
They are so excited, full of energy and eager to learn and explore new
things. In one word, they are unstoppable.
  An older person on the other hand, has lost the desire to learn new
things. They have forgotten that change is omnipresent, our constant
companion. This is the reason that learning must be a continuous
process of our lives. We can never say, "We know enough. We don't need
to know anymore…"

  New world
  Opening our eyes and ears to new experiences, we open the door to a
whole new world. Our world need not be restricted to our work and
hobbies, for our profession, and hobbies are largely related to the
exposure we have had until now. For example you can't develop your
love for paragliding until you actually do it.

  Different strokes
  There is a possibility that after this exposure, to new things, we
might change our profession or hobbies, but this does not happen every
time. By the end of this exercise we will come out as a more evolved
species. this may change the way we function professionally and as a
person. For instance, it can give us new, more lucrative business idea
or break the monotony of our daily life. Courtesy this paragliding
hobby of ours we might become risk takers at work.

  Ample advantage
  The more we explore, the more we become knowledgeable and a better
person. This also shows up in our work as our productivity rises. With
this plethora of benefits why should we close our doors of learning?
The older we become, the more we abhor any changes in our
surroundings, be it in the form of people, places or the tasks. The
older we get   the more important does, "familiarity" become.

  State of inertia
  It is generally seen that we, as people, wait to be pushed by
external factors that make us uncomfortable, until we explore solution
in order to once more find our comfort zones. these external factors
could be technological changes, like introduction of computers etc.,
which could affect our job security. Medical problems and relationship
issues could be some of the other factors.

  New horizon
  Man, being a rational and an intelligent being, could embrace the
path of continuous learning by jolting oneself from this complacency
and motivate oneself to be open to new techniques and concepts. The
whole idea is that one should have the thirst for knowledge and new
concepts. Once that thirst is there, you will devise ways to quench
  Start by doing simple things differently…. May be tomorrow you can
try brushing your teeth with the other hand…..

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