[AI] problem with this page link mouse over

mukesh jain mukesh.jain57 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 02:02:43 EST 2008

Mukesh Jain
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hullo members,
  this is the mail with reference to my problems faced with this page
link mouse over links. i have put in my query to you earlier but some
how i could not get the satisfactory solution for it except a few
suggestions by couple of members. i do sincerely thank all of them for
taking concern to my accessibility problems. as per the received
suggestions as  aforesaid, i was advised to press control insert enter
on the this page link mouse over.  then press j to jump to the given
line number. there i pressed j and typed the line number and pressed
enter. the links in the earlier mouse over links got activated. so
since these links were also of this page link mouse over so i again
followed the earlier procedure but this time it didn't worked. so
please can anybody suggest me to my problem or else can anybody give
me the contact details of the help desk of freedom scientific since i
am using jaws 7. so that i can forward my problem for solution to
them. your kind coperation is highly solicited. once again many thanks
to the members who helped me in solving my problem by forwarding your
  with regards,
  mukesh jain.

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