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Subject: SPOTLIGHT - An Asian Festival of Inclusive Arts

Dear Friends of Epic Arts,

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to SPOTLIGHT An Asian Festival of Inclusive Arts.

For the first time ever, disabled and able-bodied artists from across Asia come together in Cambodia to present an exciting festival of performance, film,
music and visual arts with a SPOTLIGHT on the abilities of all people.


Check out the website for more information on how you can join in the fun. The website is constantly being updated with news and images and will be up
in Khmer towards the end of next week, so keep checking! The website will also serve as an archive of SPOTLIGHT after all the excitement has ended and
hopefully as a communication tool for all the artists / organisations / individuals working in Inclusive Arts in Asia.

So forward this email to all your friends and colleagues and encourage them to come and participate in this truly exciting event.

Kind regards
Hannah & The SPOTLIGHT team

Hannah Stevens
Production Manager
Epic Arts/Cambodia
(+855) 12 454 935

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