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Amazon Kindle
contributor : Rithish Saralaya from
Media&Entertainment Vertical Initiative (MphasiS
Software Services) 
What is the Amazon Kindle?
Amazon Kindle is an electronic book (e-book) device
launched in the United States by Amazon.com in
November 2007. It uses an electronic paper display,
the proprietary Kindle (AZW) format, and downloads
content over Amazon Whispernet, which uses the Sprint
EVDO network. This means that the Kindle can be
used without the need for a computer. Whispernet is
accessible through Kindle without any fee. On the
release day, the Kindle Store had more than 88,000
digital titles available for download. Amazon's first
offering of the Kindle sold out in five and a half
hours. It retails for $399 from Amazon.com.
Further info on the Kindle.
• Although it supports unprotected Mobipocket books
(.MOBI, .PRC), plain text files, and HTML and Word
documents, Kindle also uses its own proprietary,
DRM-restricted format (AZW). It does not fully support
the widely accepted PDF format, but Amazon provides
"experimental" conversion to the native AZW
format. A user may also convert PDF files to supported
formats using third-party software.
• The Kindle Terms of Use forbid transferring eBooks
to someone else or using them on a different device.
This has been criticized by the Free Software
Foundation and free software advocates.
• The Kindle allows RSS subscription to select blogs
for a monthly amount, even though one may use the
experimental web browser to navigate to and read blogs
without cost.
• Amazon does not sell the Kindle outside the United
States, and Whispernet only works in the U.S. However,
U.S. owners traveling abroad have the option of
managing their Kindle purchases via PC and can then in
turn download items from the PC to their Kindle.
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