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Mon Jan 28 02:57:07 EST 2008

Cisco Certification for Network Administration now opens up for Persons with
Blindness or Low vision in India

Every small and large office depends heavily on computer networks. Network
administration is one the major employment stream in the IT industry.
Network administration an area where persons with blindness or low vision
can perform as good as persons with normal vision. 
Cisco Certification in Network Administration (CCNA) is a well recognize
degree in the area of Network Administration. The CCNA Certification can
make a person employable in private and public sector offices as Network
National Association for the Blind, Delhi State Branch and Enable India
Trust, Bangalore, are the premier IT Training Institutes for persons with
blindness in India. Both these organizations bring the CCNA Certification
Training Programme in India for persons with blindness in Collaboration with
Curtin University, Australia, Cisco India and Saksham Trust.

Any person with blindness and low vision who has passed class 10th
examination can join this course. It is essential that the student should be
efficient in operating the PC with the help of Screen Reading Software. The
students will the required to work on the word processing software and the
web browser (Internet Explorer) right from the beginning of the course. 


.	Graduate or undergraduate students looking out for excellent job
opportunities in private or public sector organization.
.	Persons with blindness or low vision already employed as
stenographers, telephone operators or office assistants who are looking for
better job opportunities or promotions.
.	Persons with blindness or low vision who wish to work in any IT
enabled service.

The classes and the lab sessions will be held online students could join
these form the CCNA training labs at NAB Delhi or Enable India Trust
Bangalore else they could join  the classes from their own computer if they
have reliable Internet connection. 

The complete course is divided into four parts. Details of each module,
course contents and schedule can be seen at http://cisco.netacad.net
Complete course can be completed with in one year. 

Interested students are required to fill in the registration form and send
it by email to either NAB Delhi or Enable India Trust Bangalore. The email
addresses to sending the registration forms are as follows: 
NAB Delhi: nab at vsnl.com
Enable India Trust Bangalore: enableindia at yahoo.co.in

For the first batch the students can join the course by paying one time
registration fee of Rs. 500/- for the entire programme. 
In addition to the registration fee students will be able to get the CCNA
certification by taking the online examination. The examination fee for this
is US $ 110 onwards. However all those students who complete the course
through the NAB or Enable India Trust Bangalore successfully will get 65%
fee concession on the examination fee. For further details please contact
NAB helpline at 011-64556968 or Enable India Trust at ---

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