[AI] Appology letter

Amar Jain amarjain2006 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 06:18:08 EST 2008

Respected All, 

I know that which I did is an offence. But those who have seen my last mail that is: 

"question related to OE.." will understand my mistake and problem. And they will understand that I have not done this wantedly. It was due to the confusion. I thought that the mail will go to the original sender directly but it went to the list. Anyway,please

forgive me for my mistake. 

My elders and moderators, please 

do not get angry from me. I will take care of it. I will always keep that promise in my mind which I did from all of you. 

The inconvenience call is deeply regrated. 

With Sorry and Regards,

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