[AI] Question related to OE

Viraj vkafle at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 04:10:49 EST 2008

Sometimes OE identifies the list itself as the sender I guess, therefore a 
technical error like this occurs. The following can be done instead:

1. Open the message that you want to reply,
2. Press alt 1 twice quickly to select the From field,
3. Press control C to Copy the field to the clipboard,
4. Now press control R to reply the message,
5. Go to the From field, delete the AI address and then paste the sender's 
address with control V,
6. Complete the rest of the process and send the message.
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Subject: [AI] Question related to OE

> Dear AI Members,
> I have a question about OE. The last mail which was send by me
> regarding IE7 was send to the sender directly. I clicked on "reply to
> sender" it means that this mail would go to the sender of the mail
> directly. But unfortunately this mail came in the list. Why is it so?
> Then why there is an option of "reply to all"? If I will click on that
> option then who will get my mail? Here who is the sender? Because as
> per my thinking the sender means that the person who has sent this
> mail will get my reply personally. If I will click on "Reply to
> sender" this should not come in list. Please clear my doubts.
> AI members, very sorry for the mistake. I knew that this type of mails
> should not be in the list that's why I clicked on "reply to sender".
> Harish sir, very very sorry. I understand and accept my fault. But I
> can't say anything accept sorry. Please please clear my doubts and let
> me know that what to do when replying to the sender directly. I
> promiss Harish sir, I will never tell anybody about that term which I
> wrote in my last mail personally also. Because I don't want to do such
> type of things which breaks the law. Thanks a lot sir, I learnt a
> lesson from this mail.
> Waiting for the reply and again sorry.
> With Regards,
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