[AI] Engadget reviews Apple's MacBook Air: thinnest, sexiest laptop around today

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Engadget reviews Apple's MacBook Air: thinnest, sexiest laptop around today

Saturday, January 26, 2008 - 10:23 AM EST 

"It fits in a manila folder, you can slide it under a door, and if you threw it hard enough you could probably chop someone in half with the thing. It's
the thinnest, and if we may say so, sexiest 
laptop around today: the MacBook Air," Ryan Block writes for Engadget.

"It's hard to take lightly (har) the purposeful design that went into the Air, it's simply and without a doubt the most beautiful laptop we've seen in
a while," Block writes.

"There are a lot of things that the Air gets right, and a decent amount of horsepower is one of 'em. Apple didn't take the easy route and go with an etiolated
Ultra Low Voltage (read: ultra low performance) chip, they actually pushed 
Intel to repackage a slower version of its full-on Core 2 Duo processor. We were a little disappointed when Steve announced this wasn't the new power-efficient,
lower-heat 45nm Penryn chip design, but in the time we've played with the Air, it's still rarely managed to output enough heat to raise an eyebrow. This
is actually a laptop that belongs on your lap -- without any fear of sterility. Of course, as our Mac-on-Mac benchmarks showed, the 1.6GHz chip is still
a little on the slow side, but the Air is by no means unusable. It's not really one of Steve's 'screamers' -- but ultraportables aren't really intended
to be," Block writes.

"The Air isn't supposed to be everything for everyone. For those in need of a machine that masters basics in a super thin, light form-factor, and who have
the coin to pay for that ultraportability, the Air absolutely nails it like few others," Block writes.

"Apple's learned to take the next step in miniaturizing their 
portable computers. While not all Mac users are going to stand in line to get this latest machine, Apple is doubtless welcomed back into the ultraportable laptop market by
the technology world. Perhaps the largest side-effect of the Air won't be ditching optical drives, though; for the rest of Apple's consumer base it's now just a matter
of time before other Mac laptop lines benefit from the technical and engineering advances that made this thing so thin and light. Give us the lovechild
of the MacBook Air and the 
MacBook Pro
, and it's all over," Block writes.


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