[AI] Can we stop the internet destroying our planet?

Shadab Husain shadabhsn at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 09:31:06 EST 2008

Well, I really thank you from the deepest corner of my heart for
posting this article. This news is really menacing. The danger posed
by global warming to our existence is certainly tangible - however, it
is our callous and showy outlook that we are underpinning it. I am
certainly correct to say that this issue should be placed on top of
all the agendas.

I don't switch on my monitor so as to save energy. I have heard
booting of machines consumes a lot of energy and, the stand by mode
too consumes energy because there was a protest which was headed by Mr
Monbiot against this feature. Therefore we should plan our schedules
in such a manner that we can avoid bootings and standbys. These little
steps can do a lot as mentioned in the article itself.

Besides the wildfires of Italy and California, American hurricanes
Katrina, Ivan, Wilma, floods of England and other such natural
disasters, the recent flood of Bihar too was triggered by the warming
of earth which claimed innumerable lives. This apparent bird flue is
the creation of global warming because due to warmer winters sickly
ticks and mice are getting accoutered to attack humans and animals.
Poor people have lost billions because government is vanishing
poultry. Do you want to become the cause of the losses of these lives
and property by not resorting to simplicity and frugality?

Please follow the computer tips which I have written, and if you folks
have any ideas to limit the computer use then please post it on the
list - I don't think it will be off topic, because it will relate to
technology. However if our moderator didn't coincide with it then we
should respect it.

I am really ready to sacrifice everything for my earth. And you?

Clean up your act first

Apropos of Sitaram Yechury's article Mercury rising (January 24), it
sounds ironic when he says the main reason for global warming is the
pattern of capitalist
industrialisation in pursuit of ever higher profits. Wasn't it the
Left Front government in West Bengal that gave hundreds of acres of
land to the Tatas
virtually free for their car plant? If the author wants to eliminate
global warming, then he should force the UPA government to look for
other energy options
like ethanol or solar energy.
Shadab Husain

Lovely planet, not so lovely people!

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