[AI] Researchers Develop Eye-Implantable Camera

shahnaz shycurrim at yahoo.co.in
Sat Jan 26 03:36:52 EST 2008

Implanting a micro-camera directly into the eyeball
may be a future
solution for restoring sight to people with damaged
vision, according
to this patent application. The camera could be
charged wirelessly,
and communicate directly with a chip implanted at the
back of the eye,
so very little external hardware would be needed:

Technology to restore sight to the blind by using
electronic retinas
has been around for a while, but the link between the
retina and
external cameras has involved wires, which just seems
clumsy. UCLA
Optical engineer Michelle Hauer thinks that technology
may have
advanced enough to embed a tiny camera inside the lens
of the eye,
capable of adapting for corneal optical effects and
perhaps using
haptics to stabilize its position. The camera would
transmit images to
a nerve-stimulating chip at the back of the eye,
resulting in a
complete electronic vision system.


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