[AI] problem with mouse over links

mukesh jain mukesh.jain57 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 02:23:47 EST 2008

Mukesh Jain
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hullo members,
  this is the request to all of you to please give me the solution for
my problems. when i opened a particular website, there i have came
across one link called "this page link mouse over" when i pressed
enter on it, it did not activated. then somebody advised me that by
pressing shift enter or control enter it will get activated. but some
how it didn't. then upon another advise, i put my cursor on that
particular link and then opened the link list by insert F7 and tabbed
till activate the link and pressed enter but then also it didn't. am i
right in doing so? if not, can anybody tell me how to open the links
when it says "this page link mouse over"? your kind coperation in this
regard is highly solicited.
  with regards,
  mukesh jain.

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