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  Hullo members, this is the article wich I thought it to share
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  Career tips: Know Your Worth  In Your Workplace

  What is your worth?
  When Rahul Dravid was chosen to endorse Bank Of Baroda, the message
sent across was clear: Just like you can bank on Dravid, "The Wall" so
can you on Bank Of Baroda.so Rahul Dravid's brand value is clearly his
"Mr. Dependable" status.
  Branding in the new millennium,is not just for companies or products
any more. It is for people, too. But do the people you work with all
day know just as clearly and vividly what you stand for and what you
have to offer? Do you yourself know?
  Talking about your worth can be construed as degrading. But personal
worth is what separates the successful climbers from the stagnant
office-goers. While everyone has strengths, few take the time to
refine them to their maximum potentials. This can leave an employee
undervalued, underemployed, and, yes, underpaid. If you recognize your
value you'll not only be more satisfied at work, but your superiors
will recognize it as well.

  Discover your brand
  Personal branding is about understanding what's unique about
you—your strengths, skills and values—and using that to separate
yourself from the pack. Just follow this simple brand-building

  Know yourself
  Ask  yourself, What sets me apart from others? And how well am I
using my strengths? It's important to do an inventory of your personal
assets  so that you know how to market them later. Also, think about
what your brand attributes are. What words are used to describe you?
These are powerful brand attributes. Once you've identified your
strengths, understands your weaknesses. Weaknesses can be both
professional and personal. If you're shy or irritable and you notice
that these traits get in the way of your success, it's time to address

  Know your value
  Do you know your place in the company? Do you see the visible
effects of the work you put in? in the workplace, a person's value is
all about how much he contributes to the company. If your departure
will have little or no effect in the firm, consider it to be low.
  If this is the case, you can put those strengths that you're now
aware of, in to action. Ask yourself if your job allows you to use
your strengths to their full  potential. If it doesn't, it may be time
to reconsider what you're   doing. Think of yourself as a product and
your company as the market. How much would people be willing to spend
to get what you have to offer? Now ask yourself this: how can you
increase this worth?

  Know your environment
  In today's team work-based environment, no man is an island. What
you do is part of a bigger picture. In today's competitive industry,
those who can ware many hats and take risks are treasured. So be
daring and take on unfamiliar tasks or unpopular chores. Show you're
not afraid of trying new things and learning from them. You will be
considered more valuable.

  Build a reputation
  Now that you know your strengths, value and your environment, you're
in the perfect position to market yourself as an expert in your core
area. Through hard work and consistent results, people will start to
see you as the "Go-to" person for certain tasks.

  Promote yourself
  The most successful person aren't   necessarily the best at what
they do; they are also pretty aggressive at being seen doing it. Your
self-promotion however must be done subtly and in modernation.

  Technology changes every day. If you don't have the most up-to-date
skills and information, you can be rest assured that a competitor
will. Stay abreast of your industry's developments. For more personal
guidance, seek a mentor in your company or outside of it, whose
outlook matches your own.
  Just as having a good corporate brand has become a necessity in an
intensely competitive marketplace, having a hot personal brand has
become crucial to a person who wants  to succeed in today's corporate
world. So you have to learn how to stand out, how to create powerful
personal image. Soon people will agree that you're priceless!

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