[AI] Fw: A Trojan Horse that targets Blindness Products

Vetrivel Adhimoolam vadhimoolam at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 12:53:27 EST 2008

Be aware!

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Subject: A Trojan Horse that targets Blindness Products

This was brought to our attention by a customer, and we thought you 
should know about it.

There is apparently a trojan horse (that's a particularly nasty 
variety of malware) that disables a variety of products for people 
with disabilities, but particularly JAWS, WindowEyes, Microsoft 
Narrator, HAL, and Kurzweil. It was masquerading as a crack to 
disable the software protection features of JAWS 9.0. See 
http://www.sophos.com/security/blog/2008/01/998.html for additional 


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