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January 2008 Edition

This bimonthly newsletter brings you product announcements, company news and
events, promotions, tips and suggestions for users of our products, and
other related articles.


	Before we begin, the Code Factory team would like to wish all our
friends and customers a happy and prosperous 2008!


*	Only software developer to offer Nokia’s High  <> Quality built-in
TTS as a free second voice 

*	Mobile Daisy Player v2.0, join the beta team <>  

*	Unrivaled Success in Windows Mobile  <> Access

*	EVENTS <>  

*	We will be at ATIA in Orlando <>  

*	We will be at Techshare, India <>  

*	Nokia will show our products at MOVILFORUM in  <> Madrid 

*	We will be at the 2nd European eAccessibility Forum  <> in Paris 

*	SUPPORT <>  

*	Tip of the Month  <> 

*	Blog <> 


*	AT <> &T Expands Wireless Offerings for Customers With Disabilities 

*	Mobile Speak for Symbian Phones available with the  <> Medialog
Arabic dictionary


*	Emilia Vasari, our Sales  <> & Marketing Assistant



Code Factory is the only software developer to offer Nokia’s High Quality
built-in Text-to-Speech as a free second voice, available to all users of
Mobile Speak 

Version 3.32 of Mobile Speak provides a new voice called "Nokia" and, on
phones that support the high quality Nokia voice, another called "NokiaHQ".
The standard "Nokia" voices are shipped with all phones using the 3rd
Edition of the Symbian operating system. The high quality "NokiaHQ" voices
are available on Nokia E50, Nokia E51, Nokia E65, Nokia E90 Communicator,
Nokia N75, Nokia N81, Nokia 5500 Sport, Nokia 5700 XpressMusic, Nokia 6110
Navigator, Nokia 6120 classic and Nokia 6290. Additional “NokiaHQ” voices
may also be downloaded on to these selected phones from the Nokia website at
http://europe.nokia.com/A4286225. The Standard Quality TTS will
automatically switch languages to match the phone language. The High Quality
TTS can be configured to use a specific language or have its speed and
volume modified via the "Speech" application, usually located in the phone’s
Settings folder.

“We at Code Factory have always been impressed by Nokia’s commitment to
accessibility. We know that the TTS engine our users work with, and how it
sounds, are important factors in how easy it is to use a talking mobile
phone, and we are very pleased that users of Mobile Speak can enjoy Nokia’s
excellent Text-to-Speech product free of charge.” said Eduard Sánchez, CEO
of Code Factory.

We've created a simple process for obtaining the free licence for the Nokia
TTS. To get the free license, users of Mobile Speak need only Go to
http://www.codefactory.info/partner_community/front/nokia_tts.asp to
generate a license code. Users may also wish to visit
http://www.codefactory.es/additional_docs/en/nokiaTTS_EN.html to read our
FAQ. To read the announcement of Mobile Speak for Symbian Phones V3.32
featuring Nokia’s voices, visit http://www.codefactory.es/en/press.asp?id=60
<http://www.codefactory.es/en/press.asp?id=60&y=2007&n=23> &y=2007&n=23. 


Mobile Daisy Player v2.0, join the beta team

On December 12th, we announced the upcoming release of V2.0 of Mobile Daisy
Player and invited users to participate in the beta program which will start
before the end of January 2008.

This new version represents a leap forward in the playing of books on mobile
devices, and contains many new features designed to streamline usability and
support more books than ever before.

Here are just some of the highlights of Mobile Daisy Player 2:

*	Support for both Daisy 2.0 and Daisy 3.0 books, opening up a wider
selection of content from many more sources. 

*	Support for the largest number, and widest range, of text-to-speech
engines in the industry, enabling access to text-only, audio-only, and
mixed-mode books. 

*	Variable-speed playback, allowing the audio content of the book to
be listened to at a speed either faster or slower than the original speed of
the recording without changing the pitch of the audio. 

*	Direct-to-phone transfer of books, allowing the user to copy the
Daisy book contents directly to the phone’s memory card, without requiring
any separate installation step as in previous versions. 

*	Auto-resume feature creates a bookmark when stopping playback or
closing a book, allowing you to pick up exactly where you left off.

Mobile Daisy Player 2.0 will be available for both Symbian and Windows
Mobile platforms.

If you are interested in beta testing Mobile Daisy Player 2.0, please send
your information (name, email address, phone model and IMEI number) to
beta-mobiledaisy at codefactory.es. 


Unrivaled Success in Windows Mobile Access

Code Factory has set another milestone in the accessibility of mainstream
Windows Mobile-powered devices with the release of Mobile Speak and Mobile
Magnifier for Windows Mobile Smartphones last November 20, 2007, as well as
the launch of Mobile Speak and Mobile Magnifier for Pocket PCs as public
beta last January 21, 2008.

Innovative features common to these product upgrades include, but are not
limited to:

*	User-Centered Licensing System which allows free and unlimited
transfer of licenses between devices, activation of devices anytime and
anywhere using an internet connection or SMS, use of a backup phone, and
much more. You can read more about this at www.codefactory.es/UCL. 

*	Built-in application for reading Braille formatted (BRF) files with
speech, Braille or both, as well as a Bookshare.org unpacking utility. 

*	Unique memory and processor optimizations that resulted in greater
stability, responsiveness and battery life. 

*	A new and vastly configurable installation process that allows you
to choose which components (speech, magnification or Braille) to install. 

*	"My feedback" option in the Control Panel that serves as a
convenient way for you to communicate with Code Factory – sending your
suggestions, feature requests, and issues you're having with the software
from the phone itself via an internet connection or SMS. 

*	Improved support for built-in applications such as Internet Explorer
Mobile to better handle different web elements, the Calendar to provide more
information in the Agenda View, Excel Mobile to read cell entries even if
they do not fit the visual screen, and many more. 

*	Enhanced support for today's latest Braille device, the Optelec ALVA
Braille Controller 640, including an input panel and a split output feature
that allows you to use this Braille terminal with a desktop/laptop and your
Pocket PC phone/PDA at the same time. 

*	Options to automatically reconnect with a Braille device after a
Pocket PC boots up, and to automatically turn off Bluetooth when this
connection is terminated.

Highlights of the product upgrade for Windows Mobile Smartphones are as

*	Support for more WM6 devices including the Motorola Q9M and Q9H,
AT&T Pantech Duo and Samsung Blackjack II, HTC S630/Cavalier, and the HP
iPAQ 500 Voice Messenger series. You can check out the complete MSS device
compatibility list that already has more than 60 supported Smartphones at

*	The first version of Mobile Magnifier for Windows Mobile Smartphones
that features ten zoom levels up to 16x, font and graphics smoothing,
several color schemes, automatic text panning, and many more. Licensed
separately, Mobile Magnifier uses the same installer as Mobile Speak
Smartphone and so you can install it as a standalone product or with speech
output. To learn more, check out

*	New and improved versions of high-quality TTS voices from Acapela
and Loquendo. 

*	Command layouts that make more screen reader functions readily
available including a complete set of text navigation commands and different
commands for changing settings on the fly. 

*	Support for the PhatNotes note-taking application
(http://www.phatware.com/phatnotes/index.html ) and Skype for Smartphone
(http://www.skype.com/intl/en/welcomeback/ ) internet telephony program.

To view the 80 new great things in MSS and MMS v2.0, go to 

The exciting features and improvements made available to Pocket PC users for
public beta testing include:

*	Support for the latest WM6 Pocket PC phones including the HTC TyTN
II (also known as the AT&T Tilt, HTC Kaiser, T-Mobile Vario III, HTC P4550,
Vodafone V1615, AT&T 8925, Vodafone VPA Compact V, and O2 Xda Stellar), as
well as the Verizon Wireless XV6800 (also sold as the PPC-6800 Mogul by
Sprint, HTC P4000 by Telus, HTC 6800 by Bell Mobility, and PPC-6800 by Qwest
and UTStarcom) with which the previous version of MSP was already
compatible. Similarly, MSP v2.0 now officially supports the O2 Xda Atom Life
(a.k.a. Quanta Apollo) that initially ran on Windows Mobile 5 but now has a
WM6 ROM upgrade available. You can check out the complete MSP and MMP Device
Compatibility List that already has more than one hundred supported Pocket
PCs at http://www.codefactory.es/en/phones.asp?id=100.

*	MSP and MMP can now be used to access devices with the HTC VueFLO
touch screen technology like the HTC Touch which is available from Rogers in
Canada and Orange in the UK, and also sold as the HTC Elf, Dopod S1,
T-Mobile MDA Touch, HTC P3450, and O2 Xda Nova. A similar device but with a
slide-out numeric keypad called the HTC Touch Dual (also known as the HTC
Nike, T-Mobile MDA Touch Plus, HTC P5500, and O2 Xda Star) is likewise

*	Although older versions of MSP already worked well with the Windows
Mobile editions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, MSP v2.0 now includes
official support for Office Mobile 6.1, including OneNote Mobile that can be
installed if the user has OneNote 2007 on his PC. 

*	An option has been added in Control Panel > Magnification > General
> Tool Position that allows the user to hide the Magnifier Tool which, by
default, appears in the top-left corner of every screen to provide easy
access to Magnifier options. 

*	An option to disable the touch screen while on a call to avoid
accidental screen taps.

To read the rest of the 55 items in the MSP and MMP What's New list, go to 

Code Factory thanks all who have expressed their very positive feedback and
appreciation for these new versions of our Windows Mobile products. As
always, with your continued support, Code Factory is moving accessibility


We will be at ATIA in Orlando

Our International Sales Director and Chief Technical Officer will be waiting
for you at Code Factory’s booth (booth 405) at the 2008 ATIA (Assistive
Technology Industry Association) Conference, taking place from January 30th
to February 2nd at the Caribe Royale All-Suite Resort and Convention Center,
Orlando, Florida, USA.

Dont' miss the next conferences:

*	Reading Electronic Books with Mobile DAISY Player, presented Friday,
February 1, 1:15- 2:15 p.m. by Greg Gladman, Code Factory’s Chief Technical
Officer (Curacao 1). 

*	Let Your Fingers do the Walking: Exploring Mobile Access, presented
Friday, February 1, 8:00–9:00 am by Larry Lewis, President and Founder of
Flying-Blind LLC (Curacao 5 & 6). 

*	A Step Beyond Notetakers: Wireless Braille Solutions in Action!
presented Thursday, January 31, 2:30-3:30 p.m. by Larry Lewis, President and
Founder of Flying-Blind LLC (Curacao 4).

Don't miss the next user demos:

*	Nokia's built-in Text-to-Speech with Mobile Speak, presented Friday
1, 10:30-11:00 a.m. by Dan Ahlers, Project Manager in Nokia Accessibility
Department and Greg Gladman, Code Factory's Chief Technical Officer, at
Nokia's booth (nº405). 

*	Enjoy all the functionnality of Windows Mobile 6.0 with Mobile Speak
Smartphone and Mobile Speak Pocket, presented Friday 1, 3:00-3.30 p.m. by
Dan Hubbell, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Accessibilty Business Unit
and Larry Lewis, President and Founder of Flying-Blind LLC, at Code
Factory's booth (nº405).

*	How to read a book with Bookshare.org and Mobile Speak Smartphone,
presented Friday 1, 4:30-5:00 p.m. by Larry Lewis, President and Founder of
Flying-Blind LLC, at Benetech's booth (LOBBY 2). 

We’ll also be running a contest at ATIA, giving ATIA’s attendees a chance to
get free licenses of their favorite Code Factory product. Go to Code
Factory’s booth (booth 405) and provide your contact information to one of
our staff. We will draw 3 names and give each of the lucky winners a license
for the software of his/her choice.

We will send out all details of our presence at ATIA a week before the event
in an announcement that we will also publish on our website, so stay tuned!
To find out more about the ATIA conference, go to http://www.atia.org . 


We will be at Techshare, India

We are pleased to announce that Code Factory will be at Techshare India
2008, a convention held in New Delhi at the India Habitat Centre on the 4th
and 5th of February. Techshare India, 2008 - Breaking the Barriers, is the
first accessibility conference and exhibition in India that highlights the
needs of people with disabilities. It will showcase the role of technology
in the lives of people with disabilities, looking at web accessibility,
software accessibility in general, and accessibility on the move for mobiles
and PDAs. In addition, Techshare India will also highlight the importance of
implementing accessibility standards in compliance with laws that require
access for all.

Don't miss our presentation: "Making mobile phones and PDAs accessible to
the blind and visually impaired: Access on the go". Hosted by Dinesh
Kaushal, our senior braille programmer, it will be held on February 5th from
3:00 to 3:45 p.m (room: Casuarina hall).

You can also check out Code Factory products at the booths of Braille World,
Caretec, and Optelec. Dinesh himself will be at Braille World's booth
demonstrating Code Factory's screen readers with the ALVA Braille display
from Optelec. Don't hesitate to visit him and experience our technology in
action, and feel free to e-mail Dinesh at dinesh.kaushal at codefactory.es if
you wish to set aside a few minutes and meet with him to discuss or examine
Code Factory's many mobile solutions.

More information about Techshare India is available at


Nokia will show our products at MOVILFORUM in Madrid

Nokia Spain team will be demonstrating Mobile Speak and Mobile Magnifier at
their booth in movilforum, taking place from January 29th to January 31st in
Distrito C. Edificio Central at Telefónica Movistar headquarters.

This event organized by Telefónica Movistar aims to present the latest
mobile services for enterprises. Its objective is to increase the dynamism
of the mobile data market by joining the forces of the operator with those
of software development companies in order to provide attendees with
satisfactory mobile solutions especially designed to fill their needs.

To know more about movilforum 2008, go to
http://www.feria.movilforum.com/servlet/SrvFeria?jspPage=index1.jsp . 


We will be at the 2nd European eAccessibility Forum in Paris 

The end of January is looking like a time of many conferences and shows. In
the same week as the Madrid and Orlando events, the Code Factory team will
also attend the 2nd European eAccessibility Forum on Accessible e-books: an
opportunity for the disabled, taking place on January 28th from 9.00 to
17.45 at La Cité des Sciences. 

This 2nd European eAccessibility Forum will bring together different
stakeholders involved in the publishing chain, from the authors to the
readers, who have convergent interests in the invention of robust and
sustainable solutions making published content accessible in different
formats supported by different technical platforms. Participants will have a
unique opportunity to be presented with solutions and techniques that can
help the creation of content respecting the principles of designing for all.

If you happen to be in Paris at this time, don’t miss this conference. You
may be particularly interested in the presentations given by the team of
Bookshare.org , an excellent online service that can be used in conjunction
with Mobile Speak Smartphone and Mobile Speak Pocket.

To find out more about this forum, go to


Tip of the Month 

Do you know about reorienting the Touch Virtual Keyboard?

Just one of the interesting features in Mobile Speak Pocket 2.0 is its
ability to rotate the Virtual Touch Keyboard's orientation. This allows the
virtual touch keyboard, an MSP input method, to be oriented in the same way
as the orientation of the integrated QWERTY thumb keyboard (available in
many Pocket PC devices). That is, to use the touch keyboard, you can turn
the device so that the screen is lengthwise. MSP 2.0 includes a new setting
under MSP Control Panel > General that permits the configuration of this
aspect of its behavior. This is a checkbox entitled "Rotate Touch Virtual
Keyboard orientation". The Virtual Touch Keyboard uses the touch screen to
allow the user to type characters and it works in landscape orientation. If
this new option is unchecked, the Virtual Touch Keyboard must be used with
the device's hardware and arrow keys to the right of the screen. This is the
natural orientation for devices with sliding QWERTY integrated keyboards
which slide out to the left. If your device has a keyboard which slides out
to the right, you can orient the Virtual Touch Keyboard the same way by
selecting the option "Rotate Touch Virtual Keyboard orientation". This new
setting comes checked by default on new MSP 2.0 installations, so the arrow
keys, on most pocket PC devices, should be to the left of the screen when
you use the keyboard. If you want the arrow keys to the right of the screen,
simply uncheck this box. 



Want to read about the latest news and events concerning Code Factory and
our products, and then post your feedback for us to read? We have set up two
blogs for you.

Our blogs will keep you informed about the latest developments at Code
Factory, and we have lots of news to share about to screen readers, screen
magnification software, and mobile phone utilities that are making
mainstream cell phones and PDAs indispensable tools for all.

There are two separate blogs available on the Code Factory blog site (both
links are available at www.codefactory.es/blogs ). Through the “Chief Blog”,
CEO Eduard Sanchez Palazón will keep you posted about the latest Code
Factory corporate events and efforts, and you can respond to his posts with
your questions and comments. At the “Team Blog”, you will have access to the
latest Code Factory news, product features, updates, and technical tips. As
with the “Chief Blog”, we would welcome your comments, questions, and

But that's not all... We want these blogs to be a rich source of information
for you!

Log into the "Team" blog and join the Code Factory forum, to discuss Code
Factory’s leading products with other users all over the world. 

To check them out, visit http://www.codefactory.es/en/services.asp?id=104.


AT&T Expands Wireless Offerings for Customers With Disabilities

AT&T Inc. announced last December, 17, 2007 two new applications that will
increase usability for wireless customers who are blind or have low vision.
AT&T is partnering with Code Factory to offer Mobile Speak and Mobile
Magnifier, both for Windows Mobile and Symbian Series 60 operating system

"At AT&T, using technology to increase mobile accessibility for all
individuals is a priority," said Carlton Hill, vice president of Product
Management for AT&T's wireless unit. "We work closely with organizations
that are committed to serving seniors or people with disabilities to help us
better understand the unique needs of our customers. AT&T is excited to
offer more mobile options that make it easier for all individuals to enjoy a
digital lifestyle when they're on the go."

"Code Factory strives to create programs that make it possible for visually
impaired consumers to access the most advanced mobile technology," said
Eduard Sanchez, CEO of Code Factory. "We are very pleased to partner with
AT&T to continue to help people with low vision live independent, active

Mobile Speak is offered with a choice of three Text-To-Speech engines,
Fonix, Acapela or Loquendo, allowing the phone to speak English, Spanish or

"There is a real need for more wireless options for Individuals who have
vision loss," said Paul Schroeder, vice president of Programs and Policy,
American Foundation for the Blind. "We value AT&T for its leadership in
addressing the needs of this community."

These new products are currently supported on five AT&T phones: the Nokia
N75, Nokia E62, Cingular 3125, Samsung BlackJack (Windows Mobile version 5),
and Pantech Duo (Windows Mobile version 6). Additional compatible devices
will be available soon.

Mobile Speak and Mobile Magnifier are each available for a one-time charge
of $89, which is billed directly to the customer's credit card. For
additional information or to obtain a 30-day software trial, contact the
National Center for Customers with Disabilities (NCCD) at 1-866-241-6568 or
place a TTY call to 1-866-241-6567. The NCCD is available from 7 a.m. to 9
p.m. ET, Monday through Friday and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET.


Mobile Speak for Symbian Phones available with the Medialog Arabic

Code Factory has partnered with Medialog, the leading provider of adaptive
technology to the Arabic-speaking world, to enable Mobile Speak for Symbian
Phones to integrate an Arabic dictionary containing more than twenty
thousand words!

By combining Medialog’s Arabic dictionary and Acapela’s Arabic-speaking
voices, Salma and Newfal, Mobile Speak for Symbian is able to read any
Arabic content on the phone with clear and highly responsive speech output.

“We are very pleased to work with Code Factory in producing this new and
innovative screen reader for Arabic speaking users”, says Patrick Kazan,
operations manager at Medialog. “The large market of Arabic speaking mobile
device users will undoubtedly benefit from Mobile Speak’s excellent feature
set and support for a vast and growing number of mobile devices.”

Main features of the Medialog dictionary:

*	More than 20000 entries available 

*	Works on Symbian 7x, 8x and 9x operating systems 

*	The dictionary can contain phrases 

*	Two voices are available: Salma and Newfal 

*	The dictionary can be easily customized and updated 

*	Support of different Arabic dialects in addition to standard Arabic

If you want to try Mobile Speak in Arabic, please visit
http://www.codefactory.es/en/downloads.asp?id=44 and follow the wizard to
download Mobile Speak in your language, for your phone.


Emilia Vasari, our Sales & Marketing Assistant

Emilia Vasari joined Code Factory as a sales and marketing assistant in
November 2007.

Emilia, who is both French and Croatian, graduated in France and obtained a
Master’s degree in International Marketing and Management. 

She came to Code Factory from the Strategic Marketing and Innovation
Department of Alcatel-Lucent. 

“I decided to join Code Factory because it was a real opportunity for me to
join a small and dynamic structure with new working methods and located in a
niche market. I’m really proud of working inside a company whose goal is to
give everyone access to technology.”

In her spare time, Emilia enjoys watching movies, playing tennis, and
pursuing her passion for music and playing her guitar. 

She also loves to travel, often going back to visit her family in Croatia
and relax on the beautiful Adriatic coast.


*	Listen to Kelly Dunn demonstrating Mobile Speak Smartphone on ACB
Radio’s Main Menu: http://www.triumphonic.com/demos/mssdemo.mp3 

*	Read an article, in Spanish, about Telefónica offering Mobile Speak
with the Nokia N70 at


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Code Factory, S.L. - 2008 

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