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Jeet LoveForAll at bluebottle.com
Wed Jan 23 02:45:22 EST 2008

Hello friends the very popular Scripts for Goldwave has now been updated to V 1.57,
Version 1.57

Support for zoom level:

In this release, we developed full support for very popular and useful feature of Goldwave, known as “Zoom level,” JAWS now reads each change on zoom level, and reports the current level without changing it, this development turns the hard wooden board of audio-editing into soft buttered sheet, you now know as well as control the amount of the cursor keys, page up and page down keys and markers are moved with each key press in an audio file.
For more information including hotkeys and dependency, refer to the getting started document installed with scripts.

Training mode:

This very popular and exciting new feature works like a tutor for a beginner user, we lead by example that this feature was developed by a beginner user of Goldwave, Ram Kumar, even the idea came from me, but he worked hard to get it working.
My very-very special thanks goes to him for it!
Best thing is: you can turn it on or off as soon as you become familiar with GoldWave, it speaks messages on places like Main window, sound window, control window and more, telling what to do there, and a review message script is also written in case you miss-out the message what JAWS said. This script does not require the training mode to be turned on, if you press the key ctrl+` (Grave), it would read the message for you.

Work around:

Two scripts as work around have been written and I maintained the tradition of having reading scripts with ALT+Shift, to say the cursor time position: Alt+Shift+U
 and to read the remaining time: ALT+Shift+R
Thank you, we hope this new update will make your day brighter.
A podcast is also done discussing the new features in this update.
Audio page for the podcast,
and scripts page for the script set!
Thank you.
Note: the contact info is found in the readme installed with scripts,
and in the podcast at the end!
Thank you very much.

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