[AI] Tech Dose of the day (Introduction)

vishnu ramchandani vishnuhappy at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 22 06:19:49 EST 2008

Dear Access India!

We all hear terms like Streaming Video, WIKI, SSO, SOA
etc. every day and cannot find time in our busy
schedule to find out what they mean. Wouldn't you
like to learn a new technical term every day? 

Mphasis M&E group (Media and Entertainment vertical)
uses cutting edge technology for application
development and I would like to share this knowledge
through technology snippets delivered each day to you.

This initiative content is not monetary.

This initiative is lead by Jaithirth RP, Rithish
Saralaya and Ganapathi Devappa (MphasiS Employees)
from the M&E (Media & Entertainment Delivery) group. 

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