[AI] Mobile Speak and Magnifier for Pocket PCs v2.0 released!

Gopalakrishnan gopalakrishnan_vip at yahoo.co.in
Mon Jan 21 18:28:40 EST 2008

    Hello All,

In the design of Code Factory's access technology products, we endeavor to
meet the most pressing demands of the blind and visually impaired users of
mainstream mobile phones and PDAs, namely:
. They need to easily upgrade to a newer device model, or switch to
a backup phone/PDA if their primary device is damaged or lost.
. They want to use an access solution that will work on the latest
device models as they become available in the market, as well as the latest
version of the software used on these new devices.
. They need access to mainstream technology but where the access
solution also has features that meet the specific needs of the blind and
visually impaired.

In response to these concerns of its customers, Code Factory releases
Version 2.0 of Mobile Speak and Mobile Magnifier for Pocket PCs, which
continue to be the leading screen access solutions for Windows Mobile
Professional and Classic editions.

Note that Mobile Speak and Mobile Magnifier Pocket v2.0 is made available as
a public beta for everyone to use on a free 30-day trial license, regardless
if the user already owns a full license. This means that new and existing
users alike can install Version 2.0, and use a trial license to check out
all the new features and available TTS voices for 30 days without any extra
costs. Those who already have a full license can also migrate their serial
number and license code pair to the User-Centered Licensing system on their
own and for free, and fully activate the products registered to them to
enjoy the increased functionality that Version 2.0 provides.

Some of the 55 new and exciting features include:
1. User-Centered Licensing system (
) which
allows free and unlimited transfer of licenses between devices, activation
of devices anytime and anywhere using an internet connection or SMS, use
  of a backup phone, and much more.
2. Support for the latest Pocket PC phones including the AT&T Tilt /
HTC TyTN II (Kaiser / P4550), the T-Mobile MDA Touch / HTC Touch (Elf /
P3450), the
  O2 Xda Star / HTC Touch Dual (Nike / P5500), the Verizon Wireless XV6800
(Sprint PPC-6800 Mogul / Telus P4000 / Bell HTC 6800), and the O2 Xda Atom
  You can check out the complete MSP and MMP Device Compatibility List that
already has more than one hundred supported Pocket PCs at 
3. Built-in application for reading Braille formatted (BRF) files
with speech, Braille or both, as well as a Bookshare.org unpacking utility.
4. Unique memory and processor optimizations that resulted in
greater stability, responsiveness and battery life.
5. A new and vastly configurable installation process that allows
you to choose which components (speech, magnification or Braille) to
6. Although older versions of MSP already worked well with the
Windows Mobile editions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, MSP v2.0 now includes
official support for Office Mobile 6.1, including OneNote Mobile that can be
installed if the user has OneNote 2007 on his PC.
7. Improved support for built-in applications such as Internet
Explorer Mobile to better handle different web elements, the Calendar to
provide more information in the Agenda View, Excel Mobile to read cell
entries even if they do not fit the visual screen, and many more.
8. An option to disable the touch screen while on a call to avoid
accidental screen taps.
9. Enhanced support for today's latest Braille device, the Optelec
ALVA Braille Controller 640, including an input panel and a split output
feature that
  allows you to use this Braille terminal with a desktop/laptop and your
Pocket PC phone/PDA at the same time.
10. Options to automatically reconnect with a Braille device after a
Pocket PC boots up, and to automatically turn off Bluetooth when this
connection is terminated.

WE warmly welcome your feedback about this public beta, so please send us
your comments, suggestions, requests and questions to
support at codefactory.es
. Thank you.

Important Release Notes
*  To get the installers for MSP v2.0, use the Download Wizard at
* Note that Version 2.0 uses a new installation process. We
recommend that you read the instructions for upgrading at
* Inside the zip archive containing each installer is a copy of the
updated Quick-Start Guide which contains, among other useful information,  a
detailed explanation of how to migrate your serial number and license code
pair to the new User-Centered Licensing system and generate your own User
ID. It also gives instructions on activating and deactivating products, and
obtaining a trial license. 
* MSP and MMP v2.0 supports Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices only. If
you have a device running on Windows Mobile 2003 SE, selecting it in the MSP
Download wizard will take you to a page for the v1.10 installers which will
remain available for download to WM2003SE users. If you are going to upgrade
to a WM5 or WM6 device, please contact your local distributor who will
manually convert your license to a User ID. 
* To view the complete list of the new features and enhancements in
MSP and MMP v2.0, go to 

Best regards,
Code Factory Team
Roselle R. Ambubuyog
Code factory, S.L.
Moving accessibility forward!
Mobile: +63 916 940-0007
roselle.ambubuyog at codefactory.es

With regards,


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