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Sun Jan 20 18:24:53 EST 2008


you are courgely invited to share in promoting a new
group at yahoogroups which 

targets the blind recruitment in the field of
Information Technology.

to subscribe, just paste the line below into your, to:
field of your message that's to 

send a free/empty message to:
blind_it_jobs-subscribe at yahoogroups.com
You may also visit the group's home page at:

We grant you free job ads, solid knowledge about CVs
and job interviews, our goal is 

to promote the blind job access and careers. We
welcome all your suggestions,
recommendations and feedback as being blind_IT-jobs
members. We believe in your views, 

we are not discussing, or negotiating abstract
concepts, but we
are working to recruit all the blind I T knowledgeable
people: programmers, web 

developpers, advanced users and more.

1. discuss recruitment related concepts such as
writing affective CV's, job 

interviews, approved certificates, etc.
2. Allow job ads in the field of iT, only for the sake
of the blind, that's to say, a 

graphic designer job should not be expected, but a
technical writer or c# programmer 

are surely welcomed. Note: all job ads in iT are free
of charge, no payment.
3. answer any relevant questions to recruitment
processes and discuss the blind 

recruitment problems and obsticles.
4. help blind professionals who are already working in
iT overcome urgent problems in 

programming, web designing, website accessibility, and
much more.
5. Last, but not least: To hunt jobs in iT for those
who are blind professionals.

mr. Wael Zakareya, the owner/moderator of the group is
pleased to share in promoting 

the blind recruitment process, and is pleased to
invite you to share your valuable 

ideas, and/or to get more knowledge about job hunting.

Wael Zakareya
mobile: 0100649426

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