[AI] KODAK has introduced its Professional Grade CD-Rs and DVD-Rs

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KODAK  has introduced its Professional Grade CD-Rs and DVD-Rs 
that offer a lifespan of up to 100 years, according to the company. The company is targeting photographers, music studios, and other businesses and professionals who want higher quality discs that will safely store their images, videos and data. 
"We are introducing these new, professional grade discs for those who can't take a chance on short-lived silver CD-Rs." said Steve Mizelle , President of KMP Media. The firm operates under trademark license from Eastman Kodak Company.  The discs combine superior recording quality with durability that will protect images, sound and data for 100 years. Only archival  KODAK 24K Gold Preservation CDs
 last longer. The advanced discs are manufactured using a patented, oxidation-resisting gold metallurgy process. This produces enhanced electrical properties, long archival life, significant reductions in error rates and the fastest write speeds available in archival media.  The disc's proprietary reflective surface alloy and high quality dye layer provides quality storage that is far superior to traditional silver discs. Silver discs also can deteriorate quickly when exposed to heat, humidity and ultraviolet light and many last only five years or less. 
In addition to the physical disc improvements, the company also is offering new jewel cases that protect the disc. The archival case is made of non-gassing polypropylene and vented to release heat and humidity. The case will withstand up to 200 pounds of pressure if stepped on. Inside the case is a floating design feature that that suspends the disc above the surface to prevent scratching. A patented one-touch release mechanism frees the disc from the mount to eliminate bending of the disc during removal. 
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