[AI] Request for Law books.

balasaheb londhe balondhe at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 23:22:30 EST 2008

Hello friends,
I am appearing for 3rd year of LLB from Pune University.The exam will be held in April. Therefore, I required following law books on urgent basis. Please help me and send these books by mail.
1. The Bombay Tenancy And agreecultural Land Act 1948.
 2.The Maharastra Rent Control Act 1999.
 3.The Maharashtra Land Revenue Code 1966.
 4. The Maharashtra Ceiling Act 1961.
Your Timely help is highly appreciated. 
Balasaheb A. Londhe
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Amla Depot,
Dist. Betul [M.P.] 460553
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