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Thought that it might be useful to some.

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Hello Andy,

Here is the direct link for the Nokia audiobook player and other interesting


The Nokia audiobook player supports files with the >awb extension.  There
are some books on the site which have been converted, but if you wish to
convert from other formats you will need the audiobook manager which you
install on your PC.  All books must be copied into their own subfolder in
the audiobooks folder in the root directory on your memory card.  Once the
player is installed, choose the book you wish to listen to, then press the
joystick in for start/pause, left/right to go backwards/forwards and up/down
to increase/decrease the volume.  When you exit the player it remembers
where you are and starts playing from that point when you launch it again.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Clive Pallett

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