[AI] Tiny New Laptop

shahnaz shycurrim at yahoo.co.in
Wed Jan 16 03:26:57 EST 2008

Jobs Reveals Tiny New Laptop

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Apple Inc. Chief Executive Steve
Jobs took the
wraps off a super-slim new laptop Tuesday, unveiling a
computer less than an inch thick that turns on the
moment it's opened.
At its beefiest, the new computer is 0.76 inches
thick; at its
thinnest, it's 0.16 inches, he said. It comes standard
with an
80-gigabyte hard drive, with the option of a 64GB
flash-based solid
state drive as an upgrade. The new laptop, which has a
screen and full-sized laptop keyboard, will cost
$1,799 when it goes
on sale in two weeks. The price is competitive with
other laptops in
its market segment.

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