[AI] Diverse space: Delhi Bloggers gather

Rohan rohan.fighter at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 07:20:33 EST 2008

Diverse space: Delhi Bloggers gather 

Sunday, January,13 2008 (New Delhi): 

The capital over the weekend hosted its first bloggers meet to bring together ideas and help bridge the gap in the fragmented space of blogging. 

The meeting was the brainchild of a group of active bloggers. Abhishek Kant, Founder Member of Delhi Bloggers and New Media Society said, "This is not
exactly the first of its kind but the idea behind this meet is that this is basically a platform to share ideas." 

Abhishek said, "It is to bring the community together, of avid bloggers and professionals. Blogging is a fragmented space and we are looking to bridge
that gap." 

Bloggers say it is the most powerful alternative space for political protest and public activism. The Delhi Blog and New media Society intends to make
this real. 

Ashish Chopra, another founder member of the society said, "Blogging as a tool can help in a lot of ways, we have been asked by a lot of people to form
a group, so that we can help galvanise social causes besides bringing the community together. Hence, the Delhi Blog and New media Society and the next
logical step to this would be the Indian Blog Society." 

Admit to the society can be for just fun too. It has an open door policy for blog writers, advertisers and marketing people. 



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