[AI] security tips for net banking

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1.  You need to be absolutely sure that your computer is free from malwhere.

2.  Do not store your login credentials on your computer.  You can store
them on portable media and attached the media to the computer when you need
to access your credentials.  Alternatively, consider encrypting your
credentials and keeping the keys on portable media.

3.  Do not disclose your credentials to anyone else including bank staff for
any reason.

4.  Do not bank from public locations such as cybercafes or libraries.

5.  Setup notification features for your bank account.  These features are
also called alerts.  They tell you when a transaction takes place on your
bank account.  These are handy for monitoring since they will tell you when
every transaction takes place on your account.  If you know that a
transaction has not been initiated by you, please call the bank immediately
and have them lock your account.  Alternatively, you can lock your account
yourself by entering the wrong password but the right login name a few


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Hello list members,
I have got net banking service on my saving a/c. I request you all please
let me know the security measures which I have to follow to avoid any
fraudulence in operating my a/c.
Hitendra Rupani
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