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hitendra rupani_hitendra at yahoo.co.in
Mon Jan 14 04:28:50 EST 2008

Hello list members,


I am working as a computer teacher in a rehabilitation centre. Most of the students, who come to our institute have done their +2 or graduation. Our institute empowers them with education so that they can become financially dependent .  


Generally they discuss about their prospective careers with me like, Is there any completely blind person who has done MCA?? Since, I am new in this field and have very little knowledge, I am finding great difficulty in  handling their queries. 


As per my knowledge, most of our friends in this list are gainfully employed, so I would like to request all of you if you could send your job details such as job title, nature of job, qualification required for the job and your vision status. So that it would help me in guiding them to some extent. I can present your job profile as an example which in turn would inspire them in pursuing the respective carrier. This will provide them a clear picture and they will not hesitate in pursuing the respective careers keeping you as their role models.


If you think you can share this information, please write it to me on the following e-mail ID rupani.hitendra at gmail.com.  I further request you to put the subject of the mail as "job profile", which will help me in organizing the mails. Your e mail ID or your contact details will only be provided ,with your consent to the information seekers.

If any one knows about such website which provides  information on career options for visually impaireds do let me know the same as well.


If moderator thinks that this kind of issue should not be taken up on this mailing list,do let me know so that I can put out this request. 


Your writing in of few words can shape life of many young talents, who can not see but dream of doing wonders.


Hoping for an over flooded inbox with your positive replies. 


Hitendra Rupani 


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