[AI] joining Bharat cafe

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Wed Jan 9 02:57:12 EST 2008

You need to use the email ID given by your ISP or work domain etc. 

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Hello List members,
I was trying to join Bharat cafe. After filling up the form, I got a message
which I am pasting below.

Message goes here

The page at http://www.for-the-people.com says:
Invalid email address.

E mail Id which I have used for subscribing is 
rupani_hitenddra at yahoo.co.in

some tips were gibven for filling up the form, of which one I could not
understand. Which I have pasted below.

Tip is as follows

Remember to register with your verifiable ISP E-mail address. Hotmail and
other web-based    E-mail addresses will not qualify for membership. 

Now list members could you please tell me why it rejected my E mail?
Waiting for a response
Hitendra Rupani
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