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Blueprint for Outlook





Blueprint for Outlook Professional 2.1 

Blueprint for Outlook by Savvisoft Ltd extends Microsoft Office Outlook printing capabilities to provide HTML-based customized printing. Supports your custom forms, messages, contacts, tasks, and appointments by controlling exactly how they should look when printed. Protect your company e-mails by ensuring they contain your company logo and sensitivity markings when printed. Create headers and footers, as well as cover and trailer pages. Reduce paper usage by only printing those pages you are interested in. Blueprint can also override the Outlook printing controls, and seemlessly integrates into Outlook. 

Version 2.1 allows users to print selection of a message. 



Are you looking to overcome the limitations of Outlook printing? 

Blueprint for Outlook resolves common printing issues experienced by Outlook users by providing full control over the presentation of printed messages, contacts, custom forms, and other Outlook items. 

You can add dynamic headers and footers which even include email properties and your company logo. Include the contact picture when you print Contact information. 

Create Memo and Multi-item print styles. Blueprint's multi-item technology allows you to combine multiple items into a single print job - create Table styles or other customized styles. 

Blueprint for Outlook also enables you to preview, quick print attachments, and choose specific pages and selection of a message to print - A feature now unavailable in Microsoft Outlook 2007. This assists businesses in reducing paper usage. 

There are three Blueprint for Outlook packages to choose from: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. Each package provides larger feature set and further benefits. Find the package which best fits your requirements! 

Blueprint for Outlook is an essential addin for Outlook Power and Business users. 
Give yourself the Tools to satisfy even the most demanding printing requirements. 

Full Feature List: 

* Create dynamic headers/footers, add watermarks, and cover/trailer pages. 
* Full Support for Microsoft Outlook custom forms - finally a solution for your custom properties. 
* Control all types of Microsoft Outlook items: Messages, Contacts, Tasks etc. 
* Integrates seamlessly into Outlook, and will not change your messages in any way. 
* Multi Item Prints. Create Outlook Table styles or customized styles. 
* Template Selection. Allow your users to select from a number of printing styles at print time. 
* Examples. Blueprint for Outlook ships with a number of templates to get you started. 
* Provides Internet Explorer style Print Preview - forget those annoying 'HTML not supported' errors. 
* Enables you to only print the pages your interested in. 
* Language Support. Do you need to print your emails in more than one language - then create a template that will provide this for you. 
* Attachment printing. Select the attachments you want to print, and Blueprint for Outlook will print them for you. 

click on the here to go to download page

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