[AI] an exciting news about my website!

ashish rohtagi ashishrohtagi1969 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 13:36:45 EST 2008

hello friends,
 due to many requests I am again starting my ebook request section
with some changes,
the books will not be uploaded on my site
I will give you external links, which are searched from the internet.
the links will be on the website for only 1 day
new links will be added daily.
due to shortage of time I will not be able to send mails to any list
but please check the site daily and you will surely find new links.
and I will give the links foraudio books too.
but I will not be  able to give requested audio books.

Today's link is uploaded!
its on the e books page
seperate heading is made for the same so please go and read so you
will be able to understand and get it!
Many thanks!
take care,

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