[AI] O c R Software.

Anubha Bhargava pinkanu.anubha at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 02:03:17 EST 2008

Dear Friends, 
I want to request u to pls tell me, which of the two O CR Software is better - KURTZWELL OR FINE READER? 
Which out of the two doesn't need EDITING the TEXT SCANNED with its help? 
Also could any1 of u pls mail me all the steps by steps  instructions to SCAN BOOKS/DOCUMENTS using KURTZWELL? 
How  do I read the files with KURTZWELL , which I have already scanned & now have in jpeg format? 
 Your kind & invaluable help & guidance in this matter will be greatly & deeply appreciated. 
Thanking u in anticipation, with best regards.  Anubha.       

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