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A virtual desktop on your thumb drive

Anand Parthasarathy

New release of Mojopac triples the working speed

Carry the desktop: Mojopac can be ported to thumb drives, mobiles and iPods.

Bangalore: Imagine going to any public personal computer, plugging in a memory stick also known as a thumb drive into the Universal Serial Bus (USB) socket
and transforming the PC's 'look and feel' to that of your own machine at home - complete with all your most used files and applications.

"Mojopac" - the offering from the U.S. and the Hyderabad-based RingCube, helps to make this happen.

The software - free for individual, non commercial use - is a 13 megabyte download from
that allows one to selectively transfer key application software (an office suite, a browser, a music player of your choice) as well as the relevant files
from the home or office desktop PC to a portable device: It could be a thumb drive, a USB pocket hard drive, a mobile phone - even an iPod. Once the software
is installed on the portable device, it can be plugged into any host PC running Windows XP - and you are ready to go. as if you were working on your native

The latest release of Mojopac has optimised the software for thumb drives - the most convenient way of carrying your application tools and files - to make
them work three times faster, said RingCube's vice-president of Engineering, Kiran Kamity, in a telephonic briefing for The Hindu on Saturday.

Mr. Kamity, an alumnus of IIT Madras, co-founded RingCube in 2004 with Mike Larkin and fellow Indian Shan Appajodu and developed Mojopac.

With information security a rising concern particularly for corporate, Mojopac has become a very popular tool worldwide, since it enables users to work
on public machines, even while leaving no trace of their work behind: everything resides on the thumb drive.

The company which has set up a development centre in Hyderabad is offering a paid version of Mojopac with better features and support - and also plans to
launch enterprise offerings in 2008.

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