[AI] Etiquettes for good e. mail

Rajani G ca.rajani at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 23:59:06 EST 2008

Hi List members,
came across this piece of literature and thought of sharing with the group.

Top 10 Keys to Understand Email Etiquette
1 – Remember that people only have your words, phrases and punctuation to try
to understand and 'feel' your meaning in text, so choose them carefully. Be
concise and not too emotional. Stick to the point of the correspondence.
2 – Do not use CAPITALS as it looks like you are SHOUTING.
3 – Do not write emails that are too long, as email predominantly is used for
quick communication, especially in North America.
4 – Use the Subject line wisely, so people can understand exactly what the
email is regarding. In sales (and spam mail), asking an intriguing
question in the
subject line is a common technique.
5 – When finished, review your email and ask yourself if the tone of your email
sounds personal or professional, and does this match your intention, and the
intended recipients' expectations?
6 – 'Emoticons' cannot be used in professional communications, unfortunately.
7 – Remember the permanency of your emails. Before you click 'send' ask
yourself "Am I comfortable with this email being seen by the CEO of this
company, if it ever were?" Edit what does not sound clear or professional.
Emails are forever.
8 – Remember to always use face to face or even telephone communications
instead of emails, whenever possible, to increase the chance of being clearly
understood. Remember that only 7% of our communication is done on a verbal
9 – Remember to reply promptly, even when you are busy. Try not to put off
replying to people for too long, as some people are sensitive and feel they are
being ignored and will feel resentment, or start bombarding your inbox or
voicemail. I understand a busy person gets a ton of emails a day and you must
prioritize. However if you are taking the time to read or skim an email, you can
take an extra 30 seconds to respond at that moment, even just to say "thanks" or
"ok" or "will be in touch soon" or "great, thanks". Etc.
10 – Have a goal when checking email. Some people open up their inboxes and
then start to read some, respond to others, review old ones, etc. Then they look
up at the clock and realize they have been 'checking' email for an hour. Too
much productivity is lost. Try to have a priority list, a goal, a time
limit etc. set up
before you open your inbox.

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