[AI] jaws autherization question

Samuel Rodrigues kr.samuel at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 19:54:13 EST 2008

Hi Fayaz,

I have a copy which I had copied from the website I will paste this here

As I think that they will surely help you because you have purchased their 
product you can an e-mail to them.

I do not have much knowledge but anyway hope this also helps you.

Try this.

If any members knows about this hope they will reply.

Read the full contact information the adress is at the end.

With regards


Contact Information for Freedom Scientific

About Jaws

Contact Information for Freedom Scientific

Thank you for participating in these lessons produced by the Freedom 
Scientific Blind and Low Vision Group, located in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Please send any comments regarding this or any of our other training 
products to:

Freedom Scientific B/LV Group Mailing Address

Freedom Scientific B/LV Group

Training Department

11800 31st Court North

Saint Petersburg, Florida 33716

Training Department E-mail

You may also send e-mail to

training_info at FreedomScientific.com

Freedom Scientific Web Site

Keep up-to-date on what' new with our training products by visiting the 
training link at


Phone Numbers

Customers living in the United States and Canada may contact our sales 
department at 800-444-4443.

 Customers living outside of Canada and the United States

may call 727-803-8000.

Technical Support

Contact our technical support team by phone at 727-803-8600 and choose 
option two. You can also send e-mail to our technical support staff at the 

email address:

Support at FreedomScientific.com

If you have any feed back

Documentation at FreedomScientific.com.

Thank you once again for your support of the Freedom Scientific line of 
training products.

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From: "fayaz pasha" <fayazpasha at gawab.com>
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Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2008 9:57 PM
Subject: [AI] jaws autherization question

> Hi friends,
> I have a couple of questions with regards to ILM authorization. I use jaws 
> 9 with a single user license on my machine so hence the questions are 
> pertaining to other means:
> 1) What happens if jaws needs to be uninstalled; due to formatting or 
> otherwise can jaws be authorized using the same authorization code once it 
> is reinstalled?
> 2) If I decide to use a different machine then how do I authorize jaws on 
> that machine?
> 3) When you buy the ILm version of jaws how many authorization keys are 
> given by freedomscientific and how to request for additional 
> authorizations.
> With regards,
> Fayaz
> Fayaz Pasha
> Mobile 9845942395
> MSN ID fayazjpasha at hotmail.com
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