[AI] Can any one through light on victor reader?

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by Gerry Chevalier

(Editor's Note: Gerry Chevalier is HumanWare's Victor Reader Product 

At the ACB convention in July 2007 HumanWare, the world's leading supplier 
of the Victor Reader line of CD-based digital talking book players, unveiled
its first flash-based portable talking book player, the Victor Reader 
Stream. The Stream is the result of extensive research in terms of design, 
and user testing. The Stream is designed to play NISO Z39.86 books, DAISY 
books and MP3 books and music. NISO Z39.86 is the format that will be used 
the new NLS digital talking books.

NLS is the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped 
which is transitioning its four-track cassette talking book service to a new
digital service. At the July ACB convention NLS announced that, beginning 
August 2007, it will expand its trial of download digital talking books to 
all NLS patrons who are registered for NLS service by their local library, 
who have a computer and high-speed Internet connection to download the 
and who also have an NLS-authorized digital book player capable of playing 
the NISO books downloaded from the NLS server.

Only residents of the United States or American citizens living abroad who 
are unable to read or use standard print materials as a result of a 
or permanent visual or physical limitation may receive NLS audio book 
services. Each individual must be certified first before accessing the NLS 
book services.

The new Victor Reader Stream will be able to play downloaded NLS NISO books 
as soon as NLS authorizes the player to do so. NLS NISO books are encrypted
and any digital player must be authorized by NLS with a decryption code to 
play the NLS books. HumanWare has discussed the player authorization process
with NLS. The development of the web form and NLS operational procedures are 
currently under way. As soon as NLS concludes this process, Victor Reader
Stream users will be able to register for NLS download book service through 
a simple web form on the NLS web site. Once the patron is registered for NLS
download book service, HumanWare will be able to supply him/her with the 
required software decryption code to install on the Stream. The decryption 
will be sent from HumanWare through a simple e-mail attachment.

NLS also announced that it will further expand its digital service in 2008 
to begin sending digital recorded books on special cartridges mailed to its 
Included in the Stream package is a short USB cable to allow the future book 
cartridges to be connected to the Stream and copied to the Stream's SD 
card. For users who prefer to play the cartridge directly on the player, 
HumanWare will sell an optional book cartridge holder that will clip to the 
of the Stream. As with download books, the cartridge books may only be 
played on an authorized Stream player equipped with the decryption code.

As the newest member of the family of Victor Reader digital talking book 
players, the Stream offers the same powerful and simple to use user 
interface made
popular by the Victor Reader Classic+ and Wave players used by thousands 
worldwide. Stream users will find the well known four-arrow navigation keys 
the Classic+ and Wave allowing book navigation by chapter and section 
without the need to memorize complex key combinations. As well, the Stream's 
keypad provides advanced book navigation functions such as entering 
bookmarks, or jumping directly to a specified page or heading. The Stream 
also has
the popular Key Describer feature of other Victor Readers, allowing you to 
press a key anytime to announce its function.

The Stream is an ideal companion to the future NLS player because it does 
everything the NLS player will do, but in a pocket-size package. Once the 
is authorized, not only will you be able to play and navigate the NLS books 
on cartridges but you will also have access to the NLS download books. The
Stream has a USB port to connect to your computer so you can transfer 
downloaded books from your PC to the Stream's SD flash memory card.

In addition to the ability to read NLS books, Stream will also play recorded 
DAISY 2.02 books from other DAISY producers, including RFB&D. However, every
day more and more books and content are becoming available in non-recorded 
electronic text formats. Stream also has built-in computer text-to-speech to
listen to the text portion of full text/full audio books or the text-only 
books such as those from Bookshare. The built-in speech also provides access
to text files transferred from your computer. Indeed, the Stream combines 
the best features of the NLS player together with the award-winning Victor 
CD and software players to make Stream the most powerful NISO and DAISY 
player in the HumanWare family. As an advanced player for recorded audio, 
NISO and DAISY, and plain computer text, Stream is truly your complete 
solution in the palm of your hand for all your work, school, or leisure 

But what about MP3 books and music? As an MP3 player, Stream will not only 
play your books and music but, using the built-in text-to-speech, it will 
announce the book, album and track names. And rounding out its versatile 
book reading capabilities, Stream will support the popular commercial 
books from Audible.

Weighing in at only 6 ounces and measuring 4 « x 2 3/4 inches, this little 
player does it all. Consider a player that is not much bigger than a pack of
cards that will have the ability to play NLS downloaded books and book 
cartridges, but will also play RFB&D books, Bookshare books, MP3 books, 
books, computer e-text, and MP3 music files.

Finally, the Victor Reader Stream also has a voice recording capability for 
students and professionals who may want to record audio notes, meetings, or
lectures. Recording is possible via a built-in microphone or external 
microphone connection. For listening versatility, the Stream will allow the 
to vary the playback speed and listen through headphones or a small built-in 

The best news of all -- priced at only $329, the Stream is your best buy for 
a NISO and DAISY player offering so much performance and functionality at 
a low price. And don't forget, all ACB members receive a 5 percent discount. 
Visit http://www.humanware.com for complete product information and the 
to be first in line to purchase your Stream, or call toll-free, 

HumanWare is confident that you will find the Victor Reader Stream is one of 
the most exciting products introduced in recent years.

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Hi Vinod,

I typed "victor reader" in google and got this
information for you.  For obtaining one license or
unit you have to pay $150.  for obtaining ten licenses
you need to pay $1250.  for further details please
type "victor reader" in google and use demo version
for 30 days then decide.

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> Dear list,
>    First of all I would like to wishall a happy new
> year.
>   I am doing my masters in public administration,I
> came to know about some thing called "victor
> reader",  to my knowledgethis will read the
> books, can any one tell me how it works?  is it
> useful for meto read books? What might be the cost
> of it in Indian rupees? is it affordable,is it
> available in India?And so on, I would be great full
> if some one through light on this, and also willit
> read only English or will it read any language.
> Weighting eagerly for your responses.
>  Thanking you
> Vinod Benjamin
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