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F.No.19030/3/2008-E.IVGovernmentof IndiaMinistryof FinanceDepartment of ExpenditureNew Delhi, the 23d September,2008OFFICE MEMORANDUMSubject:Travelling

Allowance Rules-Implementation of the SixthCentralPay Commission.

The undersigned is directed to say that in pursuance of the decisionstaken by the Government on the recommendations of the Sixth Central PayCommission

relating to Travelling Allowance entitlements, sanction of thePresident is conveyed to the modifications in the Travelling Allowance Rules as setout in

the Annexure to this Office Memorandum in so far as they apply to civilianemployees of the Central Government . Separate orders will be issued by theMinistries

of Defence and Railways in respect of their personnel.

2. The `Grade Pay' for determining the TA/DA entitlement is as indicated inCentral Civil Service(Revised Pay)Rules 2008.3. The term `pay ` for the purpose

of these orders refer to basic pay as defined inRule 3(8) of Central Civil Services(Revised Pay) Rules,2008 and includes therevised non-practicing allowance,

if any, admissible in addition.

4. In respect of those employees who opt to continue in their pre-revised scalesof pay, the corresponding Grade Pay of the pay scales of the post occupied

on1/1/2006 would determine the TA/DA entitlements under these orders. However,

for determining the Composite Transfer Grant for such employees, the term payshall also include, in addition to the basic pay in the pre-revised Scales,

stagnationincrements, Dearness Pay and NPA as per orders in force on 1/1/2006.5. These orders shall take effect from 1st September,2008. However, if theTravelling

Allowance entitlements in terms of the revised entitlements nowprescribed result in a lowering of the existing entitlements in the case of anyindividual,

groups or classes of employees, the entitlements, particularly in respectof mode of travel, class of accommodation, etc,. shall not be lowered. They willinstead

continue to be governed by the earlier orders on the subject till such time asthey become eligible, in the normal course, for the higher entitlements.

6. The claims submitted in respect of journey made on or after 1st September,

2008, may be regulated in accordance with these orders.

7. It may be noted that no additional funds will be provided on account ofrevision in TA/DA entitlements . It may therefore be ensured that permissionto

official travelis givenjudiciously and restricted only to absolutelyessential official requirements.

8. In so far as the persons serving in the IndianAudit & AccountsDepartmentare concerned,these orders issue in consultationwith the Comptroller & AuditorGeneral

of IndiaHindi version will follow.


Joint Secretary to the Government of India.

ToAll Ministries/Departments of the Government of India. etc.

Published on National Portal of India | http://india.gov.in/govt/paycommission.php


Copy to:

i) All State Governments & Union Territories.

ii) Governors of all States/Lt.Governors of UTs.

iii) Comptroller & Auditor General of India and all offices under hisControl.

iv) Union Public Service Commission, Supreme Court, Election Commission,

Central Vigilance Commission, Deptt. of Personnel (AIS Division),

Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha Sectt. Commissioner Municipal Corporationof Delhi : andv) All Members of Staff Side of the National Council of JCM.


Director (EC+

Ministry of Finanr.A(De*tt. of Exprn1iture)

Nu.v Uelhi,

Published on National Portal of India | http://india.gov.in/govt/paycommission.php


ANNEXUREAnnexure to Ministry of Finance,Department of ExpenditureO.M.No.19030/3/2008-E.IV dated 23rd September, 2008.

In supersessionof S.R. 17 and G.O.I., M.F No. 10/2/98-IC& 19030/2/97-

E.IV dated 17/4/1998, the following provisions will be applicable with effectfrom 1.9.2008.2. Entitlements for Journeys on TourA. TravelEntitlements within

theCountryGrade PayTravel Entitlements(1)(2)

Officers drawing grade pay of Rs.10,000/-Business/Club Class by air/ACand above and those in pay scaleofFirst class by trainHAG + and aboveOfficersdrawing

gradepay ofEconomy Class by air/AC First classRs.7600,Rs.8700 and Rs. 8900by trainOfficersdrawing gradepay ofEconomy Class by air/AC II TierRs.5400 and

Rs.6600.class bytrain.

Officers drawing grade pay ofAC II Tierclassby train.

Rs.4200,Rs. 4600 and Rs.4800Officers drawing grade payFirst Class/AC III Tier/AC Chairbelow Rs. 4200car by trainThe revised Travel entitlements are subject

to following:-

(i)In case of places not connected by rail, travel by AC bus for all those entitled totravel by AC II Tier and above by train and by Deluxe/ordinary bus

for others isallowed.

(ii) In case of road travel between places connected by rail, travel by any means ofpublic transport is allowed provided the total fare does not exceed

the train fare bythe entitled class.

1RHenceforth, all mileage points earned by Government employees on ticketspurchased for official travel shall be utilized by the concerned department forother

official travel by their officers.Any usage of these mileage points forpurposes of private travel by an officer will attract departmental action. Thisis

to ensure that the benefits out of official travel,which is funded by theGovernment,should accrue to the Government(iv) All Government servants are allowed

to travel below their entitled class of travel.


DirectorMinist"V of Finanr,

(Ceptt. of Expervr4'i1u«)

?.a;^av oolhi.

Published on National Portal of India | http://india.gov.in/govt/paycommission.php


.3. InternationalTravelEntitlement.

(i) Cabinet Secretary/Secretaryto G.O.I and - First Class.

Equivalent(ii) Officers drawing grade payof Rs. 10,000 and above and thosein pay scale of HAG +

Business/Club Class(iii) Others - Economy ClassC. Entitlement for journeys by Sea or by River Steamer(SR.4A)


Grade Pay Entitlement(1) (2)

Officers drawing grade pay ofRs.5400/-and above and those in Highest Class.

pay scales of HAG+ and aboveOfficers drawing grade pay of If there be two classes only onRs.4200,Rs.4600 and Rs.4800 the steamer, the lower class.

Officers drawing grade pay of If there be two classes only onRs.2400 and Rs. 2800 the steamer , the lower classOfficers drawing grade payless than Rs.2400/-

If there be three classes, the middleor the second class.

If there be four classes, the third classThe lowest class.


(ii) Accommodation entitlements for travel between the mainland and the A&NGroup of Islands and Lakshadweep Group of Island by ships operated by theShipping

Corporation of India Limited will be as follows:

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------J -----------------

Grade Pay Entitlement(1) _. (2)

Officers drawing grade pay ofRs.5400 and above and those in : Deluxe Classpay scales of HAG+ and aboveOfficers drawing grade pay of : First / `A' Cabin

classRs.4200, Rs.4600 and Rs.4800Officers drawing grade pay of : Second/ `B' Cabin Class.

Rs.2400 and Rs. 2800Officers drawing grade payless thanRs.2400.


Bunk Class.



Director (EG )

Ministry of Finor re%

(Depts. of Expenditure)

Ncvr belhi,

Published on National Portal of India | http://india.gov.in/govt/paycommission.php


D. Mileage Allowance for Journeys by Road :

In supersessionof S.R.46 and the Government of India's Order thereunder, thegrade pay ranges for travel by public /bus/auto/rickshaw/Scooter/motorcycle,

full taxi/taxi/own car is revised as indicated below:


Grade Pay Entitlement(1) (2)

(i) Officers drawing grade pay Actual fare by any type of public busof Rs. 10,000 and above and including air-conditioned bus.

those in payscales of ORHAG + and above.

(ii) Officers drawing grade payof Rs.5400, Rs. 6600,

Rs.7600, Rs.8700and Rs. 8900(iii) Officers drawing grade payof Rs.4200, Rs. 4600and Rs.4800(iv) Officers drawing grade payof Rs.2400 and above butless

than Rs.4200.

At prescribed rates of AC Taxi when thejourney is actually performedby AC TaxiORAt prescribed rates for auto rickshawfor journeys by autorickshaw,own scootermotor

cycle, moped etc.,

Same as at (i) above with the exceptionthat journeysby AC taxiwill not bepermissibleSame as at(ii) above.

Actual fare by any type of public busother than air-conditioned bus.

ORAt prescribed rates for autorickshaw forjourneys by autorickshaw/owr scooter/

motorcycle/moped etc.

(v) Officers drawing grade pay Actual fare by ordinary public bus onlybelow Rs.2400.

ORAt prescribedratesfor autorickshaw/

own scooter/ motorcycle/moped etc---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(b) Mileage allowance for road journeys shall be regulated at the followingrates in places where no specific rates have been prescribed either by the Directorof

Transport of the concerned State or of the neighbouring States:

(i) For journeys performed in own car/taxi : Rs. 16 per Km(ii) For journeys performed by auto rickshaw Rs.8 per kmown scooter, etc^1^ LA &,,L_


D'ecto, (EGgMinistry c+ FinpnrA1Drpu. cf Expcr!iiu'r)

..,.I UIOhi.

Published on National Portal of India | http://india.gov.in/govt/paycommission.php


(c) The rate of Mileage Allowance for journeys on bicycle, on tour andtransfer, is revised from 60 paise to Rs. 1.20 per kilometer.

3. Daily Allowance on TourGrade PayDaily AllowanceOfficers drawing grade pay ofReimbursement for HotelRs.10,000/-and above andaccommodation / guest house

ofthose in pay scales ofup-toRs.5000 per day;

HAG+ and abovereimbursement of AC taxicharges of up-to 50 kms. fortravel within the city andreimbursement of food bills notexceeding Rs.500 per day.

Officers drawing grade pay ofReimbursement for HotelRs.7600 to Rs.8900accommodation of up-toRs.3000per day; reimbursement of non-

AC taxi charges of up-to 50 kms.

per diem for travel within the cityand reimbursement of food billsnot exceeding Rs.300 per day.

Officers drawing grade pay ofReimbursement for HotelRs.5400 to Rs.6600accommodation of up-to Rs.1500per day; reimbursement of taxicharges of up-to Rs.150

per diemfor travel within the city andreimbursement of food bills notexceeding Rs.200 per day.

Officers drawing grade pay ofReimbursement for HotelRs.4200 to 4800/-accommodation of up-to Rs.500per day; reimbursement of travelcharges of up-to Rs.100

per diemfor travel within the city andreimbursement of food bills notexceeding Rs.150 per day.

Officers drawing grade pay ofReimbursement for Hotelbelow Rs.4200/-accommodation of up-to Rs.300per day; reimburserfient of travelcharges of up-to Rs.

50 per diemfor travel within the city andreimbursement of food bills notexceeding Rs. 100 per day.

In case of stay/journey on Government ships, boats etc. or journey to remoteplaces on foot/mules etc for scientific/data collection purposes in organization

likeFSI, Survey of India, GSI etc., daily allowance will be paid at rate equivalent tothat provided for reimbursement of food bill. However, in this case,

the amountwill be sanctioned irrespective of the actual expenditure incurred on this accountwith the approval of the Head of Department/controlling officer.

For journeys onfoot, an allowance of Rs.5 per kilometer travelled on foot shall be payableadditionally.


Director (E C;

Vmistry cf Firencn(Depmof Exptnf!iture)

I4.;.d 1cllll.

Published on National Portal of India | http://india.gov.in/govt/paycommission.php


4. T.A. on Transfer.

A. Accommodation and Mileage Allowance Entitlements :

(i) Accommodation and Mileage Allowance entitlements as prescribed at para2 above, except forInternationalTravel, for journey on tour by different modeswill

also be applicable in case of journeys on transfer. The general conditions ofadmissibility prescribed in S.R. 114 will, however, continue to be applicable.

(ii) The provisions relating to small family norms as contained in para 4(A) ofAnnexure to M/o Finance O.M. F.No. 10/2/98-IC & F.No. 19030/2/97-EIV dt.

17thApril 1998 , shall continue to be applicable.

B. Transfer Grant and Packing Allowance :

(i) The Composite Transfer Grant shall be equal to one month's pay asdefined in para 3 of this O.M. in case of transfer involving a change of stationlocated

at a distance of or more than 20 km from each other.

(ii) In cases of transfer to stations which are at a distance of less than 20kmsfrom the old station and of transfer within the same city, one third of

the compositetransfer grant will be admissible, provided a change of residence is actuallyinvolved.

(iii) At present, only one transfer grant is permitted if the transfer of husband andwife takes place within 6 months of each other from the same place

to the sameplace. With effect from the date of implementation of these orders, in cases wherethe transfer take place within six months, but after 60 days

of the transfer of thespouse, fifty percent of the transfer grant on transfer shall be allowed to the spousetransferred later. No transfer grant shall

be admissible to the spouse transferredlater, in case both the transfers are ordered within 60 days. The existing provisionsshall continue to be applicable

in case of transfers after a period of six months ormore. Other rules precluding transfer grant in case of transfer at own request ortransfer other than

in public interest, shall continue to apply unchanged in theircase.

C. Transportationof PersonalEffectsGrade payBy Train/steamerRate perkm fo rtransportby roadt4(Rs.per.km)


Officers drawinggrade pay of6000 kgs, by18.00Rs.7600 and abovegoods train/4(Rs.0.30 per kgand those in paywheeler wagon/1per km.)

scale HAG+ anddouble container.

aboveOfficers drawinggrade pay of Rs,42006000 kgs. by18.00,Rs.4600 , Rs.4800,goods Train/4(Rs.0.30 per kgRs.5400 and Rs. 6600wheeler wagon/1per km.)

single container.

Officers drawinggrade pay of3000 kgs.9.00Rs.2800(Rs.0.31 per kgper km)

Officers drawing1500 kgs.4.60grade pay(Rs.0.31 perbelow Rs.2800kg/per kms.)


L) . tu' 1Er.^

of f(tJf ot1. OtFti ; r^^ti )

. 0V V

Published on National Portal of India | http://india.gov.in/govt/paycommission.php


The rates for transporting the entitled weight by Steamer will be equalto the prevailing rates prescribed by such transport in ships operated by ShippingCorporation

of India.

D. Transportation of Conveyance.

Grade Pay(1)


Officers drawing grade pay ofOne motor car etc. or one motorRs.4200/- and above and those incycle/scooter, or ohe horsepay scales of HAG+ and aboveOfficers

drawing grade payOne motorcycle/scooter/

less than Rs.4200/-Moped, or one bicycle.

5 T.A. Entitlementof RetiringEmployees.

A. Transportation of Conveyance.

In partial modification of S.R.147, the expenditure on transportation ofconveyance by government servants on their retirement shall be reimbursedwithout

insisting on the requirement that the possession of the conveyance by themwhile in service at their last place of duty should have been in public interest.

B. Lumpsum Transfer Grant and PackingAllowance.

(i) The composite transfer grant equal to a month's pay last drawn as defined inpara 3 of this O.M., may be granted in the case of those employees who,

onretirement, settle down at places other than the last station(s) of their duty located ata distance of or more than 20 kms. The transfer incidentals

and road mileage forjourneys between the residence and the railway station/bus stand, etc., at the oldand new station, presently admissible are subsumed

in the composite transfer grantand will not be separately admissible.

(ii) As in the case of serving employees, government servants who, on retirement,

settle at the last station of duty itself or within a distance of less than 20 kms maybe paid one third of the composite transfer grant subject to the

condition that achange of residence is actually involved.

6. The TA/DA ratesmentioned in para 2 D(b) and (c) (mileage for roadjourney by taxi/own car/autorickshaw/own scooter/bicycle etc.),para (3) (allcomponents

of daily allowance on tour including rate ofDA forjourney onfoot)and para 4(c) (rates of transportation of personal effects)of thisAnnexure,shall automatically

increaseby 25% whenever DearnessAllowance payable on the revised pay structure goes up by 50%0 .


Dirccror (t..G)

Mir,i311V of Firanrrt ExQFn(4 turp)

1..:,r Uc1hi.

Published on National Portal of India | http://india.gov.in/govt/paycommission.php

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